Mueller is the dead killer who just won’t die

You know that horror movie where the crazed slasher has been shot, spindled and mutilated but just won’t die?

Well that dead killer who isn’t dead is played by Robert Mueller in the big D.C. thriller called “The Insurance Policy,” and he’s coming after our hero, President Trump, one more time.

Mueller has agreed to testify publicly July 17 before the House Injudicious and Unintelligence Committees to talk about his deeply flawed political hoax called The Mueller Report.

According to the AP:

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff say in a joint statement that the special counsel has agreed to testify about the TrumpRussia report he issued in April. The Justice Department declined to comment.

It would be great if either President Trump or Attorney General Barr ordered their former employee not to testify. We could sure use a constitutional crisis right about now, but I’m afraid they will just allow this to play out to its logical conclusion of Mueller being revealed as the Crypt Keeper in “The Coup That Wouldn’t Die.”

Honestly, it will be great to see Doug Collins, Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan get some answers out of Mueller as to why he organized a Witch Hunt when a simple Dog and Pony Show would have sufficed.

Must-see TV on Wednesday, July 17. Plan to take the day off now. Would love to see pro-Trump protests in D.C. that day, but we conservatives just don’t like getting peppersprayed so that’s not likely to happen!


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