MSNBC gets thrill up its leg for Bobby Mueller as also-ran Dems gasp for airtime

Since the first Democratic debate is airing on NBC tonight, I decided to spend part of the afternoon slumming in “MSNBC crazy town” to see how their Fake News squad was handicapping the carnival.

Imagine my surprise when instead of talking about the Big Game, they were obsessed with Robert Mueller instead. It’s almost as if they are hoping to get the Crypt Keeper to announce his own bid for the presidency. (“Since I was unable to exonerate President Trump, I decided to harass him into an early grave!”)

In fact, on “Deadline: White House,” MSNBC Fake Newsperson Nicolle Wallace spent the first two-thirds of her 4 p.m. ET show on the importance of Mueller doing dramatic readings from his anti-Trump report for two congressional committees on July 17. Wallace, who is one of the many mistakes left in the wake of the Bush 43 presidency, had four guests on to make the same identical point a total of 6,777 times — Orange Man Bad; Crypt Keeper Good. Finally after 40 minutes her producers budged her off her trained monkey spot as a Dem propagandists and reminded her that there was actual news being made on her very own network in about 4 hours when 10 Democrats would gather together to heap praise on Bob Mueller and attack Orange Man.

Oh brother!

Well maybe she was right to deflect attention away from tonight’s debate, which will feature despicable Elizabeth Warren and her midget Minions. Even when her panel discussed the debate, it sounded like their heart wasn’t really in it. As Elise Jordan said, all we can expect is pre-packaged sound bites posing as rhetorical brilliance.

The best we can hope for as a country is that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard will rise to the top tier as she at least is not beholden to Hillary Clinton or the DNC establishment.

Of course, Thursday’s debate will garner more attention as we wait to find out who will skewer Joe Biden like Julius Caesar at the Theater of Pompey. Will they all stab him or just one or two?

By the way, Wallace could only squeeze in 10 minutes on the debate before pivoting to anti-Trump grandstanding about illegal immigrant children not getting toothpaste or something. Pathetic.

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  1. Yes, I’m hope Tulsi does well too. Seems she’s especially popular with millennial independents. Her interview with Joe Rogan #1170 is well worth watching.

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