Rush Limbaugh cites column by Heartland Diary’s Frank Miele on ‘America Last’ Dems

I was minding my own business today when suddenly my phone started ringing. People wanted me to know that Rush Limbaugh was reading quotes from my new column about the Democratic debates and how the Democrats had embarked on a suicide mission by taking the side of illegal immigrants over American voters.

Sure enough, when I listened to the podcast at later, I was able to hear for myself that Limbaugh had discovered my column at and was citing it as more evidence that the Democrats had gone so far left that they were now drowning in the Pacific Ocean.

All I can say is I am humbled and honored. Small-town writer from Montana gets mentioned by the biggest name in political commentary. Not a bad present for the day after my birthday!

It was in  hour three of his broadcast today, when Rush was exploring the illogic of Democrats in the 2020 campaign, that he cited my column which appeared at Real Clear Politics under the headline “No Debate: ‘America Last’ Dems Will Lose to Trump.”

“I’ve got a piece here from Real Clear Politics by Frank Meal (M-I-E-L-E), Mealey, Frank Mile, Meal — pronounce it every which way to make sure I get it right. [He DID — when he said Mealey. It’s the Italian word for honey, but pronounced with an American twist.] ‘America Last’ Democrats will lose to Trump. You cannot push against America and hope to lead it. This is a pull quote [from my column]:

“‘The Democrats want to undermine Americans’ current success with foolhardy social and economic programs that represent not just a redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor, but even from citizens to non-citizens. This is their fatal mistake. By taking the side of non-voters over voters, the Democrats have once again veered into “basket of deplorables” territory.'”

Limbaugh then gave a current example of Democrat foolishness, saying they are raising the gas tax in California today to cover welfare benefits to illegal immigrants.

“Why would they do this? Who in the world would tell them that the way to win the presidency and the way to win other elections is to champion people who are not citizens — illegal immigrants — and then promise them that they can come into the country No. 1 and that after they are in the country they are going to get free health care when no citizen is offered this.”

Limbaugh put on his thinking cap at this point and came around to a theory that may be the only explanation for the Democrats’ anti-American policy positions.

“Their hatred for us has so poisoned them that whatever position we take, they take the opposite. Do you realize what an opportunity for us this is? …. Whatever we are for, they’ve become against in ways that are irrational. Whatever we are against, they become for in ways that are irrational. … I can’t think of any other explanation for this. … I was blown away at the amount of hatred and anger on that stage, particularly on Night 2 in Miami.”

He then specifically brought up the famous moment in Debate Night 2 when all the Democrats raised their hands to say they supported free health care for illegal aliens.

“That’s why we’ve got this piece from Frank Miele. You can’t push against America and hope to lead it. Here’s another pull quote.” Rush then read the following quote from my column, paraphrasing the “Toy Story 4” spoiler in his own words:

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“Fantasy was on full display in Miami last week when 20 of the top Democrats gathered for two nights to paint President Trump as a dangerous criminal who must be stopped. At times, they looked like they were rehearsing a scene from ‘Toy Story 4’ when Mr. Potato Head and the rest of the toys clamor to see who could most loudly condemn Sheriff Woody. (Spoiler alert: Sheriff Woody was wrongly accused and is vindicated in the end as a man of principle.)

Rush then jumped down to my conclusion, which was written as follows:

“Meanwhile, there’s President Trump waiting in the wings, dancing a jig with Lady Liberty, and celebrating our great American traditions, our great capitalist economy, our great Constitution and our great country. If you want to keep America great (and who doesn’t?), then you have no choice. It’s Trump or bust. He alone can defeat the “America last” Democrats. Bet against him — and America — at your own risk.”

As Rush said in mockery of the Democrats:

“The Democrats think they can beat that by running against it and trying to hype opposition to it? This is what they’re doing? They’r e trying to marshal opposition to a great American economy, a great American Constitution and doing so under the premise that America is deeply flawed, that America is deeply unjust and immoral, that out Constitution is a hate document or what have you? I think we have the opportunity to demolish these people in 2020.”

Thanks, Rush. I think so too. 

To read more of my columns about the Dishonest Media, the Deep Swamp, the failed presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, and Trump’s war to restore American greatness, read my “Why We Needed Trump” trilogy. Part 1 is subtitled “Bush’s Global Failure: Half Right.” Part 2 is “Obama’s Fundamental Transformation: Far Left.” Part 3 is “Trump’s American Vision: Just Right.” They are available at Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions. Also please considering leaving a review in support of my conservative commentary on one or all of my book pages at Amazon! Thanks! Also visit Heartland Diary on YouTube at

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16 Replies to “Rush Limbaugh cites column by Heartland Diary’s Frank Miele on ‘America Last’ Dems”

  1. So proud of you Frank! So honored that I can now say “I knew him when…”! Please keep up the good work. We need great patriots like you!

  2. I was listening to Rush when he mentioned you and was very happy that he did. I believe others will now begin to quote you as well. Why wouldn’t they, you are the best in the business, at least that has been my opinion for several years. Take care and have a happy Fourth of July along with a Happy Birthday, best. RLS

  3. What a great surprise and joy! Happy belated birthday Frank, and so glad you are now getting noticed nationwide.

  4. This is wonderful, Frank! When you persevere on the side of truth, you shall be rewarded! Great minds think alike (yours and Rush’s)!

  5. What a “honey” of a birthday gift! That particular commentary of yours was so energizing it made my day. Bill and I both listen to Rush regularly and are glad he discovered NW Montana’s best kept secret. KUDOS!

  6. “Small-town writer,” huh? It’s not your location, Frank, it’s your spirit and your fine, incisive writing that makes this column anything but small. Good going! Keep up the good work, and it is good, whether or not you get the attention it deserves or not. 🙂

  7. Its been said that ” Success is the best revenge”

    We are glad you made the change .

    Seems to be working ……


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