Democrats will be sorry they ‘won’ the Census battle

OK, so there you have it. No citizenship question on the 2020 Census, thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts, and his absurd “flawed motive” theory for why the president can be prevented from exercising his constitutional powers.

If “flawed motives” were legitimate grounds for stripping a constitutional officer of his authority, then Justice Roberts would be kicked off the Supreme Court. It is apparent that his motive in voting on every important case is concern about how it will make him look. (Word of advice: Don’t look in a mirror, Justice Roberts … because you look awful!)

Anyway, President Trump bowed to the inevitable, and gave up his fight to include a citizenship question on the Census. Should he have continued that battle, it would very likely have wound up as a constitutional crisis because the courts and Democrats would have dragged the case on till the Census missed its constitutionally appointed deadline.

But the Democrats will live to regret their victory on this one. President Trump announced Thursday afternoon that he has signed an executive order requiring all agencies in the federal government to turn over data regarding citizenship numbers to the Commerce Department, so that the number of non-citizens in the US can be established without relying on the Census.

This is exciting news. As Tucker Carlson pointed out earlier this week, that border pundits have been telling us for more than a decade that there are between 10 million and 12 million illegal citizens living in our country. How absurd that we watch hundreds of thousands of illegals cross our border every month, and yet the number never increases!

You know there are going to be multiple lawsuits to stop agencies from turning over the information to the Commerce Department. The globalist left doesn’t want American citizens to know just how many freeloaders there are in the country sucking up our valuable resources and learning to hate the country that feeds them.

But President Trump once again is leading by example. It is going to be hard for the Democrats to turn backwards to the era when they could do whatever they like under cover of congressional darkness. Trump keeps shining a light on them and they scurry like cockroaches.

Today he shined a light on the longtime practice of giving out congressional seats based on the number of total people in a state, rather than citizens. That has given states like New York, California and Arizona with lots of illegal aliens dozens of extra representatives in the House that should be going to states like Montana (where we have a population of a million people and only one congressman!) It is unlikely the courts would allow us to change the way we apportion House seats, but the public outrage may be enough to give President Trump the political power to continue to deport hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of illegals.

Keep it up, President Trump! The country needs you!

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2 Replies to “Democrats will be sorry they ‘won’ the Census battle”

  1. The Courts with their Liberal bias are beginning to lose their credibility. After all, we can all read the Constitution and understand what it was saying to the country at large rather than to the present Liberal bias of the judges. They are really ruining the faith in the judicial system and someday Trump will say what an early President said, “… you decided it now enforce it”. Most of us are really tired of court decisions that have a clearly biased view of what we read in the original document. It is a slippery slope they creating for all of us as it is reaching a boiling point among our citizens who want the law to succeed and in an equal manner, not as a bias personal view. RLS

  2. Mom always said, “There’s more than one way to skin a ‘crat…..oops, I mean cat.”

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