Border overwhelmed? Blame the defenders!

How infuriating! ABC’s chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl blames America for the fact that thousands of illegal immigrants are crossing our border with nowhere to go but a prison cage.

“We begin with troubling new images from the border – human beings held by the US government in inhumane conditions,” he said at the beginning of ABC’s “This Week.”

The images were pictures of dozens of grown working-age men crowded into cells in McAllen, Texas. They had to sleep on concrete, and the facility smelled of body odor.

Well sorry, Jonathan, but this is an invasion, and in any invasion the defending party has an obligation to protect itself first and worry about the consequences later. People not being able to shower is a pretty small price to pay for invading a country, but let’s remember it was their choice to break the law and their responsibility for where they wound up.

But Jonathan Karl thought it was somebody else’s fault — President Trump’s. This morning, Karl was lecturing Ken Cucinelli, the new director of Customs and Inmigration Services, about how the US should just let the prisoners go after catching them because it was the “humane” thing to do. No, it would be the stupid thing to do. It’s called “catch and release” and it’s what got us in the situation we are in today with millions of illegals unaccounted for inside our borders.

As Cucinelli rightly said, the conditions in border facilities are thanks to the do-nothing Congress, which refuses to provide emergency funding to expand the facilities to accommodate the increased flow of migrants. He should have hammered this point even more. The president can’t spend money that hasn’t been allocated by Congress, and if they don’t provide the money, it is because they are playing political games with the future of the country.

Meanwhile, the Fake News Media will continue to play on emotions to try to promote open borders. If the people of our country are not smart enough to see through this media smokescreen, and realize that we need to defend our country from an invasion, then they deserve what they get. 

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