Democrats are auditioning for the Russian Revolution; is that really what Americans want?

The Democrat debates have opened the eyes of the American public to the radical nature of the candidates who want to oppose President Trump in 2020. My column at Real Clear Politics today suggests that the closest parallel to what is happening in the Democratic Party is the Russian Revolution. Can I get an amen?

Are Democrats Channeling Their Inner Lenin?

By Frank Miele

As we approach November 2020, Democrats are having their “October 1917” moment.

Just as the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party back then was divided between the moderate Mensheviks and the more radical Bolsheviks, so too the modern American Democratic Party is divided between the moderate socialists like Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar and Steve Bullock and the radical socialists like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Based on what happened during the Russian Revolution a century ago, I would strongly advise Bullock and Klobuchar (and especially Tim Ryan and John Delaney) to buy bulletproof vests or seriously consider relocating to Mexico. That bought Leon Trotsky an extra 10 years before he was finally dispatched by Comrade Stalin to socialist heaven.

Biden is doing his best to rally the moderate socialists (isn’t that an oxymoron?), but his willingness to shift positions on fundamental moral issues suggests that he lacks all conviction, while the worst of his Bolshevik opponents like Kamala Harris and Sanders are full of passionate intensity that threatens to overthrow the moral order altogether.

But maybe that’s the point.

Communist agitator Michael Moore, who is in large measure the theorist of the American left, told Brian Williams on MSNBC following the second debate, “Only revolution at this point is going to defeat Donald J. Trump. Only people rising up, and doing the work that needs to be done, is going to remove him from office. Our side needs to treat Trump seriously. He’s not a joke anymore. He’s the real deal and he humiliated all of us by losing the election and then being given the keys to the Oval Office.”

In case you didn’t figure it out, Trump is playing the role of Czar Nicholas II in this replay of the Russian Revolution, but he’s proving much more resilient than the czar, having outwitted and outlasted the Democrats at every turn so far. Back in 1917, the czar was forced to abdicate during March. That was the Democrat plan for March this year too. The Mueller Report was supposed to send Trump into exile or house arrest or at least into an impeachment trial, but the president stubbornly refuses to cooperate with his own demise.

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Meanwhile, just as in the period between the February Revolution and the October Revolution in 1917, the “Social Democratic Labour” forces (hereinafter “the Democrats”) are turning against each other in a contest of ideological purity. That was on full display on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, when even the previously sainted Barack Obama was under attack. By the end of the second night, if he were still a saint, it must have been St. Sebastian, pierced by multiple arrows. Turns out that the signature achievement of his presidency — Obamacare — was a gift to the big bad insurance industry, and his immigration policy was a heartless betrayal of the working class. Or something like that.

What is ironic about how the Democrats want to depose Trump is that, whereas Nicholas II oversaw the collapse of the Russian economy in World War I, Donald Trump has led the United States back to prosperity. Whereas the czar oppressed the lower classes in Russia, this president has helped African Americans and other minorities achieve greater economic independence.

A few of the endangered species of moderate Democrats on the debate stage last week were willing to defend President Obama, but that just meant they had to be even more vicious in their hatred of President Trump so they could establish their bona fides as legitimate revolutionaries. In case there was any doubt, they could just call Trump a racist or a criminal thug and that settled the matter.

Whoever said the revolution will not be televised must not have heard about CNN. “The most trusted name in news,” as CNN bills itself, happily played the role of Pravda in promoting this mindless march toward dictatorship of the proletariat (don’t worry — it’s temporary!). The decision to let radical leftist Don Lemon play a neutral journalist during the debates added insult to injury. It was the equivalent of asking a shark to host a beach party.

Of course, President Trump took all of this in stride. In fact, he has encouraged the Democrats to embrace their inner communist (Marianne Williamson may have taken this a little too literally!) as they march in lockstep toward their landslide defeat in 2020. Republicans have been a little slow to recognize Trump’s political genius, but remember that he was the one who established the coming election as a battle between capitalism and socialism.

As he said Thursday at his campaign rally in Cincinnati, “Tonight we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country — never ever ever will it be a socialist country. No matter what label they use, a vote for any Democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism, and the destruction of our great, our beautiful, our wonderful American dream.”

Is that too much? Is that divisive rhetoric? Yep, it divides the patriots from the globalists. This is war, but it’s only revolution if it succeeds. Trump is “all in” to prevent that from happening.

The hand-to-hand combat that Trump engages in with the enemy on a daily basis is a bit too much for some dainty Republicans, but he’s been loudly defended by loyalists such as Sen. Steve Daines of my home state of Montana, who recently introduced a resolution to condemn socialism.

It’s hard to believe we have reached the point, nearly 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, where we need to take a vote on whether or not communism sucks, but sadly we do. And even worse, in some states the outcome of such a vote would be in doubt. It might not even be able to pass muster in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

I will wait eagerly to see how many Democratic presidential candidates have the audacity to vote against the resolution. If they do — if Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Cory Booker refuse to vote to condemn socialism — then Trump has already won. But don’t tell him that. Watching him campaign is too much fun!

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  1. Amen on the Democratic Party being like the Russian Revolution. A historical fact about democracy gone amuck. The only thing that saved us from that happening in 2016, the electoral college – Thank GOD!

  2. Blestyashchiy! Great comparison! Let’s hope that during this chaotic interval, trigger happy nincompoops will
    take a cold shower and remember that “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

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