Shoutout for Real Clear Politics — champions of fair play!

Roger Simon of PJMedia wrote a piece praising Real Clear Politics yesterday, and I just had to share it.

This has nothing to do with the fact that I am a columnist for RCP. I would be singing the praises of Real Clear Politics whether I wrote for the website or not.

I am constantly amazed by the ability of the editors at RCP to find pro and con op-eds on a variety of topics every day, and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one duly impressed.

Simon says, “Real Clear Politics Is What the New York Times Pretended to Be.” I’m not sure that comparison works, but if you want an exemplar of fair play, you certainly wouldn’t go to the New York Times of today. As Simon says,

Now the paper is little more than a left-wing propaganda sheet — and not a very good one, notwithstanding its seemingly unbreakable and unremitting influence on the mainstream media who still check the Times before they check themselves.

These days the paper almost feels run by idiots. Certainly banking on Trump-Russia collusion as their main story for two years is not a sign of intelligence. It was an obvious absurdity from the beginning, promulgated by lies, largely published, wittingly or unwittingly, by the NYT. They even received Pulitzers for their prevarications, to the shame of both parties, the Pulitzer committee and the Times.

  • I doubt Real Clear Politics will win any awards. It is basically an aggregator of news and opinion, with a few hired hands such as myself to provide some continuity. Nonetheless, it is a shining beacon in the mucky world that journalism has become. Here’s Simon again:
  • On the other hand, there’s Real Clear Politics. Every day they run links to the best op-eds on both sides of an argument without editorial comment. Imagine that. Not only that, they link what they deem the most important video appearances by politicians, pundits, etc., again on both sides without comment. Mirabile dictu, they trust us to figure things out for ourselves. …

  • RCP has created a “just the facts” ambiance that everybody trusts. It’s a site I go to every day because it tells me what both sides are thinking, something we should all want to know. I don’t think we can find that anyplace else. The NYT should be envious.

  • I’m certainly proud to work for the team at Real Clear Politics, and I wouldn’t be caught dead at the New York Times.

    Look for my new column on Monday morning. I get to take on another sick journalism institution — MSNBC — and a Fake News journalist named Kasie Hunt who claimed last week that President Trump was “ready to wage a race war” in order to win re-election.

    For a preview, you can see my YouTube video about Hunt:

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