No surprise: Deep State Coup Crew dismisses Byrne’s allegations of political espionage

The fallout from Patrick Byrne’s wild tale about the Deep State coup against President Trump is continuing.

It kind of reminds me of the efforts of J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI to discredit witnesses in the JFK assassination who didn’t support the “Commie Oswald single shooter” theory.

Byrne, the now former CEO of, has alleged he was recruited by the FBI to romance Russian Maria Butina in some kind of political espionage. Shortly after he went public and named James Comey and John Brennan as conspirators, he resigned suddenly from the company he had founded.

Now the Deep State is hitting back, starting with ex-FBI Director Comey and former director Andrew McCabe:

Reached Thursday evening by CNN, Comey called Byrne’s claim “ridiculous.”

“The FBI doesn’t work that way,” Comey said.

Former FBI deputy director and CNN contributor Andrew McCabe said he hadn’t heard of Byrne until the former CEO revealed his relationship with Butina.

“His allegation that his potential cooperation with the FBI was somehow discussed at the highest levels certainly never happened when I was there,” McCabe, who held the No. 2 role at the agency beginning in 2016 until his firing in 2018, said Friday on CNN’s “New Day.”

Of course, anyone who believes that Comey and McCabe have any credibility probably also believes the Warren Report’s conclusion that Kennedy was killed by Oswald for obscure if not unfathomable reasons while all of the institutional enemies of JFK who were in a position to murder him were entirely innocent.

Even Fake News CNN was easily able to verify part of Byrne’s story:

A US official told CNN on Thursday that Byrne met earlier this year with Justice Department officials and shared with them similar information about a romantic relationship with Butina encouraged by the FBI. The US official said that the Justice Department officials Byrne met with found aspects of Byrne’s story to be believable in part because he shared operational details that were not widely known.

Here’s the original interview with David Asman on Fox Business that set the ball rolling toward Byrne’s resignation:

You can also watch Asman’s interview with Byrne following his resignation here and here. (NOTE: I’ve been told the audio on these videos is too low but they play fine on my iPhone.)

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  1. No doubt his story is true. With the powerful backing of his long time mentor,Warren Buffet, Byrne’s confession
    may be just the catalyst needed for Barr to blow that damn ship out of the water. The strategy to discredit him
    goes with the territory. Wonder if he “carries”…

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