Chris Cuomo outed as Fake News clown by Mayor Giuliani … he’s ignorant of basic facts in Ukrainian story and shilling for the Democrats

No surprise to my readers that CNN is fake news, but you rarely see the evidence so blatantly obvious as when Chris Cuomo admitted he had never seen the widely publicized video of Vice President Joe Biden telling an anecdote about how he bribed the president of Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who just happened to be investigating Biden’s son Hunter on a corruption charge.

Cuomo’s guest for 28 minutes on “Cuomo Prime Time” was Mayor Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney. Giuliani was supposed to be talking about the Fake WhistleblowerGate story, but kept forcing Cuomo to admit that he was not interested in the much more important underlying story about Biden and his family engaging in alleged corrupt practices in the Ukraine and China.

When Giuliani says that Vice President Biden apparently committed bribery, Cuomo asks for proof.

“You know what the proof is?” Giuliani asks. “Joe Biden, 2018, January, in front of the Council on Foreign Relations, saying the whole thing.”

This is where Cuomo begins to be expose himself as a completely uninformed buffoon (aka Fredo).

Cuomo asks skeptically: “He said, ‘I’m gonna give you this money if you get rid of this prosecutor’?”

Giuliani pounces: “Hundred percent! Exactly!”

At this point, Cuomo shows he has no knowledge of the story he is covering when he asks Giuliani to provide evidence of Biden’s self-incrimination.

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“Send me the transcripts,” he goads Giuliani as if he think the mayor is making up the story. Folks, this tape surfaced months ago and is widely known and discussed in political circles.

Here’s video proof of that moment when Biden foolishly confessed to his crime — bragged about it, actually.

“Go listen to it and apologize,” Giuliani tells Cuomo, but he knows he will never get an apology!

Nor will President Trump.

Watch the YouTube clip above to see the relevant portion of this dynamite interview in which Giuliani schooled Cuomo in law, journalism and ethics.


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