Fox News goes full-tilt left and celebrates reporter for harassing Trump

I’ve already written about the horrible Leland Vittert embarrassing Fox News on Saturday mornings. Now we can add Eric Shawn to the list.

I don’t know why Fox News thinks the best way to thank its viewers for making it the No. 1 cable news network is to spit in our faces, but that seems to be the plan. Remember, Fox News became No. 1 because conservative viewers turned off CNN and switched to Fox News for “fair and balanced” coverage.

But it seems like Rupert Murdoch is OK with his sons turning Fox News into just one more liberal news outlet.

Today, Eric Shawn decided to call in Jeff Mason of Reuters to talk about the president’s new executive order requiring that immigrants be able to prove they have health insurance before they are allowed into the country. That would have been OK, I guess, but at the end of the interview, Shawn then decided he would be “remiss” if he did not thank Mason for his rude, insulting behavior at a press conference with President Trump earlier in the week.

Before showing a partial clip of the confrontation, Shawn said, “Some say this is a tutorial in journalism for journalism schools in handling a president who is yelling at him.” At the end of the interview co-host Arthel Neville joins in with the lovefest for Mason and adds her thanks for a job well done.

I came away with exactly the opposite impression. Maosn proved himself to be just one more pack journalist, trying to make his name at the expense of the president. You can see Trump letting Mason have it in my YouTube video here:

It is about time for the heavy hitters at Fox News to start fighting back against management, which hired RINO Paul Ryan to sit on the board. Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham are the reasons why Fox News is so successful. They need to let their network know that they won’t work for a company that treats conservatives like “deplorables” and treats thr president with disrespect.

Tucker Carlson made a good start last week when he challenged Shepherd Smith and Judge Napolitano with an on-air broadside that was joined by Joe DiGenova.

I’m pretty sure that Tucker, Sean and Laura all know that they owe their success to conservative America. If they don’t want to lose our support, they had better find a way to reel in the liberals at Fox News.


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