Fox News allows Leland Vittert to commit journalistic malfeasance in ambush interview with Trump trade adviser

When President Trump called out Fox News weekend hosts Arthel Neville and Leland Vittert in March, I was blissfully ignorant of this malignant duo.

Trump asked whether they had been trained at CNN. Probably not! Probably just about any journalism school in America could produce similarly left-wing biased reporters.

Now that I have watched them, I have to say the President was being rather kind to them. They are atrocious journalists, and if Fox News thinks they belong on the air, then it makes me question whether Fox News belongs on my TV at all.


This weekend, Vittert tried to ambush President Trump’s trade adviser Peter Navarro, and exposed his own contempt for his own profession, for common decency and certainly for President Trump.

A report by Kristinn Taylor at Gateway Pundit has characterized it as a “hostile, physically aggressive interview” about China trade and tariff policies. The only words that can appropriately describe Vittert’s demeanor are sneering, smirking, scoffing and disgusting.

Fortunately, a viewer recorded the exchange on his cellphone, so you can see it all.

The best part is that Navarro, like Stephen Miller, fights back against the ambush and thus exposes Vittert for the buffoon he is.

Vittert obviously began the interview with the intent of making Trump’s tariffs on China look like a bad idea. He repeatedly put words in Navarro’s mouth, and then when Navarro would try to correct him, he would interrupt and heckle him. For instance, when Navarro tried to explain how the US gains new powers to fight China by declaring it a currency manipulator, Vittert totally failed to understand him and prevented him from completing his argument.

Navarro notices Vittert physically pushing closer to him while refusing to let him answer and says, “I don’t understand the hostility here” while holding his hands up as if to avert a threatening gesture.

Later, Navarro says, “You can’t keep doing this. You’re being really overbearing and demonstrating a lack of understanding of the dynamics of this situation.”

I would not have been so polite.

I strongly encourage you to watch the full video if you can stomach it!

Here is a link to my choices for the Worst Five Hosts on Fox News. I’m sorry I didn’t include Leland Vittert now!


The best part of the clip happens just after the 4 minute mark when Navarro tells Vittert, “You’ve got to back off here.” Vittert scoots back 6 inches, and asks, “How far back?”

Navarro doesn’t miss a beat as he responds, “A little more would be good,” at which point Vittert promises to “try to roll off the set.”

Unfortunately, unlike President Trump, Leland Vittert doesn’t keep his promises. Too bad. The interview would have gone much better without him!


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