Vittert & Turner bring their left-wing agenda to Fox News. Pathetic!

It’s no secret that Leland Vittert is a far-left activist masquerading as a TV journalist at Fox News. I wrote about his famous ambush of Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro here.

Today, Vittert and his co-host Gillian Turner interviewed Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, and did a pretty good job of making themselves look like idiot liberal tools who have no purpose in life other than smearing Republicans.

Turner started the clown show by saying she didn’t like “the way” President Trump fired disloyal Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch as if there is some “right way” to fire disloyal employees other than “Pack your desk and Go — NOW!”

Then Vittert went all goofy by suggesting that Democrats are justified in refusing to allow Republicans to call witnesses at the sham impeachment hearing because Trump exercised executive privilege in refusing to allow other witnesses to testify. Apples and oranges, Vittert! Open a law book before you open your mouth again!

I don’t think Wenstrup knew what he was getting into, and the pained expression on his face as he takes questions from these two mental midgets is well worth the price of admission!

(Correction: Apologies for misidentifying Gillian Turner in my original post!)


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