Sad! Bolton turns out to be the rat everyone said he was

No one has a worse reputation in Washington, D.C., than John Bolton, the neo-con national security “expert” who never met a war he didn’t like.

I’ve been one of the few fans of Bolton, overlooking his hair-trigger willingness to resort to military solutions because I was heartened by his adamant distrust of fundamental Islam.

UPDATE: Dems try to use Bolton book to get Senate to impeach Trump

What I didn’t count on was his disloyalty to the commander in chief. Bolton did a brief tour as ambassador to the UN under George W. Bush, and then divided his time between neo-con think tanks and cable news channels. President Trump ignored a lot of insiders and hired Bolton as his National Security Adviser when he got rid of the disloyal Swamp dweller H.R. McMaster. Unfortunately, Bolton proved equally swampy and quickly became more interested in building his own power base than in serving the president.

Then suddenly, in early September, Bolton resigned. The Wall Street Journal lamented the loss of their fellow neo-con, saying the North Korea, Iran and Russia were celebrating. “America’s adversaries lost a rare internal restraint on President Trump’s inconstant and transactional security instincts. The world is now a more dangerous place.”

Hmmm, I suppose that’s true if you think going to war makes the world a “safer place.” From what we know, Bolton would have sent troops into Venezuela, Iran and who knows where else.

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But what we also know for sure is that the White House is now a more dangerous place because Bolton was allowed in the doors for 18 months. That’s because Bolton has demonstrated his willingness to betray the president he worked for. He apparently has a book planned to badmouth Trump, and it is becoming increasingly likely he will be called before the House impeachment tribunal to stab the president in the back. Prophetically, this picture seems to show Bolton taking aim on his target:

As a matter of fact, early in my commentary on the Deep State Impeachment Hoax, on Sept. 19, one week after Bolton had resigned (or been fired) and just days after the whistleblower complaint surfaced, I hinted at the possibility Bolton had a role in the leaks.

“… if I find out the whistleblower is former national security adviser John Bolton, I will be fighting mad!”

Well, now it is looking increasingly likely that while Bolton wasn’t the whistleblower, he may well have been one of the leakers who fed fears and falsehoods to the CIA mole. On Oct. 1, The Spectator USA asked, “Is John Bolton the Whistleblower’s Deep Throat?” The Daily Beast reported this week that Trump now believes Bolton has been leaking negative information about Trump, Ukraine and Mayor Giuliani.

Bolton had no friends on the left before his latest tour of duty in the White House, and he will have no friends on the right after it becomes clear what a rat he turned out to be, so the good news is that Bolton will never again work in government.

One can only hope that after President Trump survives this impeachment coup and is reelected, he can find some way to make Bolton’s life miserable. I suggest he write his own book on “Traitors, Liars and Rats” and include a lengthy chapter on Bolton. Sad.


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  1. Yes, that is very sad about Bolton. I believe Trump is now using the enormous financial power we have as a method to crush countries without going to War. We will know if this works re developments with Turkey and others. The US has many power points they can use other than War to censor bad actors internationally.
    The major problem with War is that we never declare War and that allows the pinko Demorats to turn police actions into a political football. We have not had a War since WWII. RLS

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