Emergency Plan B: Be prepared to abandon Facebook and Twitter and learn to Parler

The social media giants like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are desperate to steer their users leftward into a world where everyone thinks alike and no dissent is allowed.

I’ve been targeted by all three of those giants at least once. Facebook suspended my posting privileges for a week. YouTube has banned one of my videos. And Twitter has been shadow banning me off and on for most of 2019.

What is my crime? Who knows? The thought police don’t really need a crime to punish you — they just need a magic phrase like abracadabra to make you disappear. The phrase that the social media giants use to make you disappear is “community standards.”

Somehow, I’ve managed to violate the “community standards” repeatedly, for instance by naming the Ukraine whistleblower. Which makes me think maybe I’m in the wrong community if I’m hanging out with the Lords of Technology who want to strip me of the right to speak my mind.

Look, you know and I know the real reason why I have been targeted by Facebook, Twitter and Google (the owner of YouTube) is because I am a loud and proud supporter of President Trump. They don’t like Trump and they don’t like the 63 million people who voted for him.

At some point, I expect to be permanently banned from one or all of the social media giants. Therefore, I’m taking countermeasures so that I can continue to communicate with my readers.

Recently I started posting my daily column to Parler, the social media app that doesn’t restrict speech based on political content. As of this morning I have 268 followers, which is actually more than the 253 I have on Facebook. I would invite you to join me on Parler.com as an emergency Plan B. Any of us could be booted off the left-wing Internet sites any time.

Parler isn’t as inviting as some of the other apps, nor do all of your favorite conservatives have a presence there, but if enough of us migrate there over time, I expect they will add more features that mimic characteristics currently available on Facebook and Twitter.

My handle on Parler is the same as on a Twitter — @HeartlandDiary. Check it out. If you have an account at Parler, be sure to follow me and I will follow you back.

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  1. I dropped face book 5 years ago, have never used twitter, and rarely use you tube, and never google. Will try out Parler.com

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