David Holmes: One more insufferable fool from Foggy Bottom

Yet another insufferable diplomat! How much more of this can we, the American people, take?!?

David Holmes, a political officer at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, testified at the sham impeachment hearing, that he didn’t like the way Ambassador Yovanovitch was treated when she as fired by President Trump, that he didn’t like Rudy Giuliani getting involved in Ukraine, and that he didn’t particularly like President Trump.

Well, tough [expletive deleted]!

I am so sick of these self-important boors! They work for the president, not the other way around.

This whole impeachment sham comes down to Deep State operatives circling the wagon to protect Joe Biden. According to the Deepers, no investigation of Biden can be tolerated because he is a “political rival” of President Trump. Face it, folks, that is just a convenient excuse to let Biden and his son Hunter to skate free.

If Biden, while Vice President, engaged in official corruption in Ukraine, it is entirely appropriate to investigate that — or to ask Ukraine to do so. To say otherwise is to suggest that the Bidens are above the law. They are not.

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