Blowhard author claims (without evidence) that Lindsey Graham is being blackmailed by Trump

How did I miss this blowhard Don Winslow all my life?

It’s hard to believe there could be a moron of this magnitude and I somehow had never heard of him, but thanks to the modern magic of Twitter I made his acquaintance today and feel dirty as a result.

In case you didn’t know him either, he’s a very big-headed (not the same as big-brained) author of thrillers like “The Border,” “The Cartel,” and “The Force.” He also is a first-class hater.

Here’s my first glimpse into the sewer mind of Mr. Winslow, as posted last night:

“According to my Justice Department sources @realDonaldTrump is blackmailing @LindseyGrahamSC

I was a private investigator for 15 years before becoming a writer. Happy to get into depositions and discovery, Lindsey.

You sold out your country.

You disgraced John McCain’s memory”

What the hell, I thought. Has the Democratic Party really sunk so low that it has no moral standards at all? Do all Democrats feel immune from the rules of decency and fair play? Can any liberal smear anyone who they disagree with by besmirching their character with vague, half-formed, open-ended accusations?

“My Justice Department sources…”???? Really? You’re going to use that thin gruel of validation to justify your claim that Graham is being blackmailed by President Trump?

You can’t think of any other reason why Graham might want to support Trump against the Fake Impeachment Scam being run by Shifty Schiff and Inexplicably Wealthy Pelosi? (My Justice Department sources say that she is corruptly trading on her influence and long tenure in the House.)

There are many reasons that make more sense than blackmail. Here’s one: Graham might want to run for President again some day and he knows that opposing Trump would be the kiss of death to getting the GOP nomination. Occam’s Razor says I’m right and Mr. Winslow is a lying buffoon.

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As for the claim that Graham had disgraced McCain’s memory, he didn’t need to. McCain had already destroyed his own reputation by years of self-serving political theater, corruption and support for use of military force for political purposes.

Unfortunately, once Winslow had my attention, I discovered that he was not just attacking Graham. Like Stephen King and numerous other Dem celebrities, he seems to have endless time on his hands to toss slime at any conservative.

His most recent libelous tweets include a vague and unsourced (no Justice Dept. buddies on this one) claim that Trump had something to do with the “suicide” of a Deutsche Bank executive, a claim that Trump kept fraudulent books for his business, a claim that Trump supporters are insane, and a nasty swipe at Donald Trump Jr. because his book is so popular (professional jealousy?).

That’s all within the last 24 hours. Mr. Winslow is a nasty piece of work! But for a liberal, that’s par for the course.


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