Don’t blame Trump; Gov. Bevin proves to be big loser all on his own

When Republican Matt Bevin lost his bid for re-election as Kentucky’s governor last month, the Fake News Media assigned most of the blame to Donald Trump.

Republicans pointed out that Bevin was the least popular governor in the country, and with Trump’s endorsement he came close to winning, but it didn’t matter. As impeachment fervor was growing, Bevin’s loss was seen as evidence that Trump was losing popularity.

Not so fast!

On the way out of office, Bevin just completed one of the most bone-headed acts of political suicide ever recorded this side of Anthony Weiner.

Inexplicably, Bevin pardoned hundreds of prisoners, including convicted rapists, murderers and drug offenders. Here are some of the lowlifes that felt the mercy of Matt Bevin, as recounted by Fox News:

Those pardoned … included a man convicted of reckless homicide, a convicted child rapist, a man who murdered his parents at age 16, and a woman who threw her newborn in the trash after giving birth in a flea market outhouse. Bevin wrote that the woman, Kathy Harless, had “paid enough for the death of her newborn son.” Another pardon recipient, Dayton Jones, who was convicted of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy at a party. The incident was captured on video and shared to social media; the boy suffered internal injuries as a result of the attack.

In yet another case, Bevin pardoned Patrick Brian Baker, who was convicted of homicide and other crimes in a fatal 2014 home break-in. The Louisville Courier-Journal reported this week that Baker’s family raised $21,500 for Bevin at a political fundraiser and Baker’s brother and sister-in-law also gave $4,000 to Bevin’s campaign on the day of the fundraiser.

Bevin apparently has an overdeveloped sense of compassion and an underdeveloped sense of decency. The only question is why he isn’t a Democrat. Often to his lame excuse as reported by WCPO:

“America is a nation that was established with an understanding and support for redemption and second chances,” he wrote in a lengthy Twitter thread, adding later: “Not one person receiving a pardon would I not welcome as a co-worker, neighbor, or to sit beside me or any member of my family in a church pew or at a public event.”

Chances are when the new attorney general finishes investigating what motivated some of these outrageous pardons, Bevin may get his wish to sit next to murderers and rapists — not in church, but in prison.


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  1. For a 52 year old Bevin has rattled more cages in his short lifetime than 10 men twice his age. His Wiki bio
    is worth a quick scan for those fascinated by political shenanigans. Forgiveness for such egregious crimes is
    always troubling and must never be mandated into the realm of being spiritually correct.

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