New Republican Jeff Van Drew deserves our ‘undying support’ too

President Kennedy wrote a book about people who put their country ahead of party and called it “Profiles in Courage.”

If he were alive to write a sequel, he would surely have to consider including Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, one of only two Democrats to vote “no” on both articles of impeachment brought against President Trump. (Collin Peterson of Minnesota was the second, while Jared Golden of Maine voted for the abuse of power charge but against the absurd obstruction of Congress charge. Tulsi Gabbard voted “present” for both articles, claiming she was “standing in the center” while her detractors said she was sitting on the fence.”)

Van Drew has gone one step further than the other no-voting Democrats, however. He has made it clear he thinks that the Democratic Party of Nancy Pelosi is out of control, and today he met with President Trump to announce that he is switching party affiliation and will now caucus with the Republicans.

I know there will be some resistance of accepting Van Drew as a moderate Republican. I have heard that he only voted with Trump 7 percent of the time this term (his first) but don’t let that worry you. Most votes don’t hinge on one individual representative, and no doubt Van Drew was loyal to his party as he should be, but he also has made it clear he is loyal to his country and the Constitution first. Of course, that meant he had to side with Trump when the Democrats tried to oust him on phony charges.

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Now, Van Drew pledged his “undying support” for President Trump.

“I believe that this is just a better fit for me,” Van Drew said. “This is who I am.”

Good for him. I say that no matter what he did before, conservatives owe Van Drew their “undying support” because when it really mattered he stood up to be counted.

Put another way, would you rather have Jeff Van Drew in the foxhole with you or Mitt Romney? I rest my case.

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