Trump drags Fake Whistleblower out of the shadows

The Fake Whistleblower who tried to topple a President is back in the Fake News, thanks in part to the president who refuses to surrender to the Fake Impeachment.

President Trump retweeted a message from his campaign’s Twitter account at “FOLLOW Trump War Room” that linked to a Washington Examiner article that identified the so-called whistleblower.

Good for him! It’s time to stop doing the bidding of the Democrats in protecting the Fake Whistleblower, who just turned in second-hand information and thus isn’t even entitled to the name! Of course, the Far Left is outraged since according to them, whistleblowers cannot be identified. Apparently they have never heard of the First Amendment.

  • I’ve been writing about the sham whistleblower protections for months, and have identified the whistleblower as CIA intelligence officer Eric Ciaramella. I also republished the lengthy expose of Ciaramella that was published by Paul Sperry at Real Clear Investigations. I also posted this YouTube video of Rand Paul demanding that the Fake News Media do their real job and report on the whistleblower:
  • But for some reason, official D.C. keeps pretending we don’t know who the Fake Whistleblower is. Even Republicans refuse to say his name because the Democrats have lied about the law that protects whistleblowers. (NOTE: it doesn’t offer anonymity to whistleblowers except in the limited case that they cannot be identified by the inspector general to protect against retaliation; it does not restrict anyone else from naming him or her.)
  • But since the whistleblower played a key role in trying to take out the president of the United States, and may have conspired with Rep. Adam Schiff and the Democrats to do so, his identity is crucial to determining the truth of what really went down in this shady act of political sabotage.

    The Washington Examiner story referenced in the tweet that Trump posted is about the fact that Schiff hired Ciaramella’s former colleague Sean Misko on the day following Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine — a call which was the basis of the whistleblower complaint.

    In a humorous sidebar to this story, it should be noted that the Washington Post also wrote about the whistleblower this week, albeit anonymously. In a story about how the impeachment charade has damaged intelligence gathering efforts (gee, ya think?!?), the Post included this nugget:

    “The CIA analyst who triggered the impeachment inquiry continues to work on issues relating to Russia and Ukraine, but when threats against him spike — often seemingly spurred by presidential tweets — he is driven to and from work by armed security officers.”

    That spurred Nick Arama at red to muse about the incongruity of a whistleblower whose identity is supposedly a deeply held secret (Adam Schiff doesn’t even know who he is!!! Wink wink nod nod!) nonetheless somehow being singled out for special protection.

    Schiff has allegedly had to police the whistleblower’s name from being mentioned during the hearings or being set out as such in transcripts. It would be impossible to do that without knowing who he was, but that’s what Schiff represented to the American public during the hearing.

    The media doesn’t know who he is, either, that’s how they know not to set forth his name in any accounts of the events and how they can scold any mention of his name, because they don’t know who he is (inset sarcasm here). 

    But despite that, now we’re hearing reports that the man no one knows has received a security detail, for how long is not clear.

    But how is this possible that someone detailed security for him, since no one knows who he is? And how does media know the whistleblower has this security if they don’t know who the whistleblower is?

    Oh dear! The perplexity of working in the Deep Swamp would rattle the brains of us mere mortals. That’s why we entrust government work to the big thinkers like Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters!

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