UPDATE: Trump tweets whistleblower’s name second time in 24 hours

I wrote about the apparent effort of President Trump to draw attention back to the Fake Whistleblower with his tweet on Thursday, and I was happy to see he went even further the next day.

Here is part of what I posted Friday:

President Trump retweeted a message from his campaign’s Twitter account at “FOLLOW Trump War Room” that linked to a Washington Examiner article that identified the so-called whistleblower.

In that case, he retweeted a tweet that contained a link that contained the whistleblower’s name in the headline.

But on Friday he went even further, retweeting a post by @surfermom77 that made direct reference to Fake Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella.

I’m glad to see the president stop pussyfooting around the whistleblower’s name. Maybe some of the Republicans in Congress will now overcome their fear and also identify him. Moreover, Lindsey Graham needs to live up to his promise and call Ciaramella to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Read the full story of the whistleblower here.

[Note: Photo changed at advice of reader.]


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