WATCH: Chris Matthews shocks MSNBC: Trump is winning!

Chris Matthews of MSNBC probably disappointed a lot of radical Democrats Tuesday morning when he praised President Trump’s defense team and said that Trump is winning the PR battle as the impeachment trial begins in the Senate. Maybe it was the cold medicine talking, but Matthews sure sounded convinced that President Trump — the nemesis of MSNBC — was outmaneuvering Shifty Schiff and the rest of the impeachment coup crew.

Matthews said making Alan Dershowitz the face of the defense during the weekend preceding he trial was a brilliant move. Matthews said that to the average viewer, Dershowitz represents the East Coast establishment and Harvard. He isn’t a Trump supporter and his argument against impeachment would be persuasive. Matthews even noted that Dershowitz had made his first appearance on MSNBC with Ari Melber, and then everyone wanted him. Ha. Ha. Thanks Ari.

Matthews: “The transition game was won by the defense because the whole topic became can you impeach a president who hasn’t committed a crime.”

It was a tad awkward to watch since liberal hack Melber was the one questioning Matthews. Melber tried to devalue Matthews’ argument any which way he could, but Matthews was bulldog stubborn. He said that Dershowitz’s legal argument was persuasive to the average voter: “It sounds right. It makes sense. If the guy didn’t commit a crime, then get off his back!”

Wow! Shades of Tim Russert!

Of course, once Matthews is off his cold medicine (or his bosses have a talk with him), he will probably see things differently.


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  1. Chris Matthews is an asshat. He’s just saying he thinks that Trump’s team is strategically better while trying to imply that they however are not on the side of truth.

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