Who brainwashed Mitt Romney? (Like father, like son!)

<p>Mitt Romney with campaign poster for his father, George, in Spartanburg, SC, January 2012.  </p

Maybe it runs in the family. Failed presidential candidate George Romney, Mitt’s father, said in 1968 that he had been “brainwashed” into supporting the war in Vietnam before he finally opposed it.

I am going to have to assume that when Mitt Romney stands for re-election in 2024, he is going to have to explain how he came to support the Democratic coup, er, I mean (sham) impeachment, against Donald Trump.

Considering the weak will exhibited by his father, I think it is a good bet that, sometime during President Trump’s second term, Mitt will announce that he too was brainwashed:

“It was that damned Adam Schiff. How could I sit there day after day listening to the mellifluous dulcet tones of that Svengali without falling under his spell?

“Did you hear him explain that Trump would give Alaska back to the Russians if we left him in office? It was just so damned convincing! Now I know how Monica Lewinsky got talked into doing the dirty! Some men are just so powerful.

“I’m telling you, it was like I was brainwashed. I just couldn’t see straight. For a while there, he even had me believing that he didn’t know the whistleblower!”

We do know that Adam Schiff can spin quite a yarn. He is after all an aspiring screenwriter, but Mitt Romney cannot escape responsibility for his vote. Though he may have a familial predilection for brainwashing, he will bear the judgment of history just as his father did.

Fortunately, no Romney will ever be president, and Donald Trump always will be one of the greatest.


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3 Replies to “Who brainwashed Mitt Romney? (Like father, like son!)”

  1. How crummy that Romney must wait until 2024 for his re-election. He is counting on Trump being far away by then so he can maneuver himself into six more years as Utah’s senator (TERM LIMITS needed!!!) or convince you that at 77 he would make a fine addition to the swamp. The old swamp. Or…..he knows the memory of the American voter is short to non existent. He knows that his turncoat vote today, which was such a show of disloyalty NOT just to Trump but to his fellow senators, will not be remembered in 2024. Sad. No repercussions for his deliberate disloyalty.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster NJ 07921

  2. Just found you in a search to refresh my memory about Mitt’s pop George Romney and his brainwashing comments that ended his bid for the presidency. Good article. Thanks. Sadly Facebook is off the table now. I’ve shared your article on Parler. Hope you add yourself on there as well. Anyway I see you have a number of team Romney articles. Good job. I’ll try to remember to check in on your site from time to time to enjoy your writing.

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