Trump drives hater Demo rats crazy by booting Vindman, saving Stone

Post-impeachment Trump is driving Democrats and their media flunkies crazy by doubling down in his war against the swamp.

First, he dumped NSC whistleblower/leaker Alex Vindman from the White House and sent him and his twin brother back to the Pentagon. The anti-American press and Democrat Party went crazy. They expected President Trump to keep the traitors in the White House despite it being clear that they had no interest in supporting or serving his policies.

That same day, he recalled Ambassador Gordon Sundland from his post at the EU. Sundland has obviously lost the confidence of the president when he testified before the Fake Impeachment hearing. Buh-bye.

Today, the talking heads exploded when the Justice Department corrected the horrendous injustice being done to Trump confidante Roger Stone, who was convicted on federal “charges” of being Trump’s confidante. The prosecutors had recommended a sentence of 7-9 years for the elderly gentleman, which would have amounted to a life sentence. Trump said it was an injustice, especially when traitors like Jim Comey and John Brennan are walking around free.

Thank God the DOJ recognized the injustice and announced it would override the harsh sentencing recommendation with something more realistic. Even crazy John Dean on MSNBC said that the original sentence recommendation was way out of line.

All four of the US Attorneys working to lock up Stone because he supported Donald Trump have resigned in protest. That was the last “last straw” for the corrupt news media on TV, who looked liked a kitchen full of cockroaches scrambling for the bottom of the fridge when the light turned on unexpectedly. My God, their outrage made Joaquin Phoenix look like the voice of reason! They may hate Attorney General Bill Barr even more than they hate Trump!

As Jake Tapper said, “I’ve never seen anything like it; it’s pretty shocking!”

Hooray! About time the radical left was shocked by something good happening!

And more might be coming. It is rumored that President Trump will fire Michael Atkinson, the corrupt Inspector General of the Intelligence Community who covered up for the fake Ukraine whistleblower and Adam Schiff.

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To put the icing on the cake, the Anonymous (Asshole) who wrote his book “Warning” the nation against his boss President Trump is also said to have been identified and will also be fired in the coming days!

Ain’t it good to be alive!


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