Democratic ‘food fight’ in S.C. puts Trump closer to victory

OMG! What a delightful disintegration of the Democratic Party I witnessed Tuesday night on CBS from South Carolina!

It was like watching highlights from “It’s a Mad Mad Mad World!” All that was missing was a pie in the face of Bernie Sanders!

(I had prepared a video of one delightful 12 minute segment from the first half hour where Warren, Klobuchar, Buttigieg and Biden were all taking turn savaging Bernie, but CBS banned me from using it on YouTube even before the debate was over! This really pisses me off. Just because CBS uses their hack political reporters to moderate the debate should not mean they get exclusive right to show the debate. It’s a flipping democracy, CBS! Maybe Bernie is right about the damn oligarchs ruining our country! If you don’t think presidential debates should be in the public domain, I don’t know what should! Flipping Gayle King! Don’t get me started!)

So anyway, since I can’t show it to you, I’m gonna have to just hit the highlights. It started at about minute 25 of the CBS proprietary US presidential debate when Norah O’Donnell asked Bernie Sanders how the hell he could pay for his socialist agenda.

Amy Klobuchar said his policies would cost the US taxpayers $60 trillion and complained about “broken promises that sound good on bumper stickers.”

Tom Steyer said the party was in big trouble if they were choosing between. Democratic Socialist (Bernie) and a longtime Republican (Bloomie).

Buttigieg blasted Sanders for his “incredible shrinking price tag” on his Medicare for All. “It adds up to four more years of Donald Trump, Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House, and the inability to get the Senate into Democratic hands.”

Biden shifted gears and complained about Tom Steyer buying a private prison where they hog-tied young men … and didn’t have health care. It was a nice change of pace!

Klobuchar fought her way back in with this sound bite: “If we spend the next four months tearing our party apart, we’re going to watch Donald Trump spend the next four years tearing our country apart.” Can’t say that would bother me at all,as long as DJT is dismantling the infrastructure of socialism that the Dems have built over the last 60 years.

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I wish I could show it to you, but CBS says you don’t have a right to see your own debate. Media malfeasance.


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  1. The “Debate” was not only a “food fight,” but just an illustration of a mudslinging gutter brawl. Each one getting lower into the gutter than the next one. The “let me be clear” clearly demonstrated no vision for the future, no new ideas, and no creativity. The “Debate” was mediocrity on full display.

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