Democrats have no idea who they are — socialist dupes

Democrats apparently think that if they vote for Joe Biden, then they are not socialists. That means they are just as out of touch with reality as Biden himself.

The early results from Super Tuesday 2.0 are proving that Democrat voters are desperate to run away from their own perverse policies and pretend they are moderates.

They aren’t.

  • Voting for Joe Biden is no different than voting for Bernie Sanders except for one small thing — Sanders is honest, and Biden is one more Radical Acting Moderate. The RAMs are the Democrats’ secret weapon, as they allow their voters to hide behind a thin veneer of common sense as they brag about how they aren’t a Bernie Sanders Democrat — just a rock-ribbed blue-collar salt-of-the-earth Democrat like Palooka Joe Biden.
  • Only thing is … There is not a hair’s breadth of difference between Scranton Joe and Moscow Bernie. They are both for taking away your guns, taxing your paycheck and killing babies.
  • So, yeah, Mississippi and Missouri and Michigan Dems can claim they are not radical crazy Socialists because they voted for Joe, but don’t you believe it.
  • This is an orchestrated dramatic rendition of Three Card Monte where the United States of America is the hapless victim, Bernie is the con man and Biden is the shill. Sanders will get everything he wants if Biden is elected president — and he won’t have to take the blame.
  • Let the voters beware!


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    2 Replies to “Democrats have no idea who they are — socialist dupes”

    1. I wonder how the nation would look if righteous indignation overwhelmed and the entire Democratic Party disappeared. Could we “all just get along?” What would entice young wannabes to run for office? Could we handle peace and respect? What would keep us honest?

      Could the nation get along without its third party? Could the Libertarians step in and bring their mode of communication up to standard?

      We already are troubled by dishonesty and wild hyperbole in Democrats. Not long ago somebody lampooned Democrats by pretending that they advocated, “Vote early and vote often.” Instead of angrily disavowing the idea we now have Democratic Senator John Lewis telling the Party to “Vote like you’ve never, ever voted before.”

      If that isn’t a call for votes from more extra-nationals and dead people, I don’t know what is.

      With the Boy Scout Oath now trashed, do you see a way to encourage people to consider the need for integrity.

      Seems to me that integrity gets less advocacy than in years past. I am reminded of a concept developed by the Muslims that says murder and theft is better than earning wealth because it is more manly. I believe that the Muslims see us as just as stupid floating along with Al Capp’s character, Mammy Yoakum, who said, “Good is Better than Evil because it’s Nicer.

      Frank, you seem to be unique on the Internet in that you think deeply and communicate well. If you could put cleats on the old tractor wheels of discourse and convince new minds, what would you say to the issues above?

    2. Progressive Democrats have become creatures from an alternative universe. Their Party is collapsing throughout the country as they constantly spew pure hate-centered ideology along with their hidden envy of President Trump’s success that is topped off with a large dose of anti-American rhetoric. They constantly chide their followers into believing they have the ‘scheme’ to create a personal utopia for each: Just give me the political power with your vote, and I will provide the goodies. Simple as that!

      “No ‘conservative’ in their right mind would cede one centimeter of power to the current Democrat/Progressive/Socialist Party. There is simply no moral comparison between them and the President—they’ve made it perfectly clear they have no intention of being civil. Perhaps the most extreme political entity in the history of the country, today’s left, is proudly socialist, openly hostile to the freedoms granted by the Constitution, devoid of any respect for the miracle of life, and an open threat to our safety and stability.“(WSJ)

      As I have often noted, there can only be a harmful and evil outcome for the Nation with such seditious activities pervading the Democrat Party as they attempt to create a Socialist State. Such radical ends that they voice are not compatible with the preservation of a free society. Worse, socialism always subordinates personal and economic freedom to the demands of the State for which the Democrats publicly proffer without apology. This radical fantasy dream world of the Progressives would be that of a state centered authoritarianism society for the US. However, the people are to decide with the 2020 election if such is to be suitable for our Constitutional Republic. I am betting voters will destroy this make-believe world that is the hundred year dream of the Looney Left! How could they not? RLS

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