What will it take to get Chris Wallace fired!?!

We have now had to put up with Chris Wallace hosting “Fox News Sunday” for 17 years. (Tony Snow has probably turned over in his grave so many times that he needs to take Sominex to “rest in peace.”) But what’s even worse is that Wallace can use his senior reporter status to muscle his way onto any show on the channel in order to spread his “unbiased” (read Far Left) propaganda to the American people.

Today was one of his worst performances in a long time. On the inappropriately named “America’s Newsroom” show this morning, Wallace was given a platform to take potshots at Russia Hoax target Gen. Michael Flynn and to promote the corrupt FBI.

I’m sure the Murdoch Boys are happy to kill off the media empire their father created in order to win dinner invitations with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer (with RINO board member Paul Ryan in tow), but we formerly loyal Fox News viewers are heartbroken to see a formerly honest news channel turned into one more Democrat media outlet.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that Flynn was set up by the FBI to tarnish the Trump administration, Wallace said he did not understand why people were “rallying” behind Flynn. That just means Wallace is a stooge for the Deep State. Attorney Sidney Powell has amassed a mountain of evidence that Peter Strzok and the FBI knew Flynn was innocent but didn’t care.

“What’s our goal?” one handwritten FBI note says. “Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?” The note also reads: “If we’re seen as playing games, WH (White House) will be furious. Protect our institution by not playing games.”

But play games they did, and the only people who still think Flynn is guilty are Democratic stooges. Enter Chris Wallace.

On Friday, Wallace said, “I was kind of surprised that the President said yesterday, ‘Well, maybe I’ll bring him back to the White House.’ It was the President, before any legal case was brought, who fired Flynn because Flynn had lied about his conversation with the Russian ambassador to the Vice President, Mike Pence. Mike Pence came on ‘Fox News Sunday’ just before the inauguration in January of 2016 and said there was no discussion of that, and it turns out he was basing that on what Flynn had told him and that Flynn had lied to him.”

He continued, “So I’m not quite sure I understand why people are all rallying to Flynn’s case. Did the FBI play hardball? Yeah. Guess what? The FBI plays hardball. And guess what? If you are talking to the FBI, and a lot of lawyers would say don’t talk to them unless you have to, don’t lie.”

It was the FBI that lied, and the president and Pence both trusted them. I don’t think that mistake will be repeated again, and neither will anyone with any sense ever trust Wallace.

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What do we need to do to get this moron fired?!?

Let’s send a message to a Fox News: Either Chris Wallace goes, or we go. Call Fox News customer service at 1 (888) 369-4762 or use the email form here.


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3 Replies to “What will it take to get Chris Wallace fired!?!”

  1. Well-defined! I can’t get him fired; but I can do the next best thing, every time his face shows up on the screen – switch channels!

  2. Chris Wallace is not fit to be on tv any longer. He is not neutral. He combats almost everyone he interviews. Its too hard to listen to him anymore. He has become too partial to the Democrats. He has become a trump hater. It is very obvious. He did terrible when president trump became ill with the corona virus. He was a disgrace to fox news. Get him off of him.

  3. Fire Wallace he’s got zero crisma and seems to always prefer and promote liberal views.He also has a habit of being rude and self impressed. CNN will surely welcome him with open arms. In his case the nut fell miles from the tree.

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