‘Fake News’ Neil Cavuto practices medicine without a license; fire his ass

If you thought you could count on Neil Cavuto to keep his mouth shut about things he doesn’t know anything about, you were wrong.

Cavuto earned his place in the “Five Worst Hosts on Fox” when I awarded those honors last June. Since then there have been some departures (sayonara, Shep!) and some additions (Leland the Smirking Lizard!) to the list, but Cavuto continues to hold his own as a Fake Conservative who never misses a chance to snipe at President Trump.

This week, he has been spouting the Fake News narrative that President Trump is endangering America because he announced he is taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure since he has been in proximity to people who had contracted COVID-19.

In case you don’t know, hydroxy-etc. is one of the drugs being suggested as an effective therapeutic for coronavirus.

It is a drug that has been around for decades and has been employed successfully against lupus and other diseases. There are some known side effects and some patients considered at high risk for those side effects, but meanwhile the drug has been a lifesaver for many people.

Cavuto joined a host of liberal thought police in condemning the president for taking hydroxy-etc. after consulting with the White House physician.

Cavuto told his viewers:

“If you are taking this as a preventative treatment to ward off the virus, or in a worst-case scenario you are dealing with the virus and you are in this vulnerable population, it will kill you. I cannot stress that enough. This will kill you.”

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Whoa! Hold on! Does that mean that Cavuto is practicing medicine without a license? Does he think people should ever take medicine without consulting their doctor? And just what qualifies him to get in between the president and his doctor? Isn’t one of the liberal mantras that abortion should be a decision between a woman and her doctor? Shouldn’t that be even more true when the medical decision doesn’t involve the murder of an innocent third person?

President Trump called out Cavuto on Twitter and said he is looking for an alternative to the increasingly liberal Fox News:


Clearly, liberalism is a mental disorder, and clearly Neil Cavuto suffers from it! Fox News should dump his ass along with Leland Vittert and Chris Wallace. If we wanted to watch Fake News, we would turn on CNN!


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3 Replies to “‘Fake News’ Neil Cavuto practices medicine without a license; fire his ass”

  1. I know several people taking the drug daily for years with no side effects. If I had been close to someone who had a chance of infecting me, I would be doing the same. Given its 75 years on the market and being taken by millions with no legible negative effects, one would be a fool not to ask their physician about it if they fell into a possible need for it. It is just the Progressives/Liberals/Commies once again trying to disgrace Trump. Funny, how Trump is always a few steps ahead of their hatred, and way ahead of Cavuto who sounds silly in his explanations of ‘this will kill you’! RLS

  2. We agree that Cavuto is guilty of practicing medicine w/o a licence. Why is it that you do not see the same applying to Trump? (Could NOT POSSIBLY BE YOUR BIAS, eh?)
    Though true that HYDROXY MAY have helped COVID, and was worth investigating, the preliminary research that this came from has been discredited because of its small sample, and the fact that the researchers excluded some subjects that would have made their results more concerning.
    That is why the CDC supported further research, but saw no proof, and was also concerned re the impact of people starting to do so, since some death was being caused. (We NOW HAVE DOUBLE BLIND STUDIES OF SICK FOLKS THAT SHOW THAT THE DEATH RATE IS HIGHER THAT PLACEBOS.
    We need more studies on healthy folks for the final answer, but it is clear that they would risk death for some w underlying conditions of blood pressure the heart and lungs. (Not always obvious to your GP)
    The President is a role model and I believe has a moral responsibility to not model treatments that make it more difficult for the people that need it for legitimate proven use.
    We now have 2 other studies that cast doubt on its effectiveness, though I would not say completely disproven…yet, but the evidence is leaning that way.
    Not sure why I think that you will see your bias and probable projection re what Cavuto did, but maybe someone else might read this and see the more unbiased truth which is the president was terribly irresponsible due to his influence,and at a very minimum, you seem to be oblivious to your own negative potential influence towards those that need the Hydroxy, because, for them, the risk of death is worth it vs their MS symptoms….

  3. Nothing has changed from your May 20, 2020, column about Cavuto’s cavaliere carelessness about hydroxychloroquine. Has there been an apology? I live 7 miles from him and always felt as though that was a cool thing. It’s not. I’m disappointed every day and shouldn’t really say that since I stopped watching cavuto about the time of your article.
    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster NJ 07921

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