Scumbag traitor Bolton leaks his slimy book to NY Times

Disgraced National Security Adviser John Bolton has been sued by the Department of Justice to halt release of his tell-all book about the Trump administration because it contains classified information.

But that didn’t stop sleazeball Bolton. He just pulled a James Comey and leaked the book to the New York Times. Comey, of course, famously leaked his fraudulent CYA memos to the Times to force the appointment of a special prosecutor against President Trump. But this is much worse. Comey was on the other side — an Obamagate coup conspirator– but Bolton was supposed to be a conservative ally of the president. Instead he turned out to be a backstabbing bastard who aims to get rich by undermining the president’s agenda.

I’ve read the Times’s report and what is most clear is that boneheaded Bolton doesn’t have a sense of humor. President Trump’s off-the-cuff remarks are, of course, taken out of context. Anyone who has observed Trump knows he has little patience with pomposity, and Bolton personifies boorish bombastic pretense in his every move. He is also well-known for lack of judgment on matters of importance such as starting wars in the Mideast.

No doubt it gravels him that Trump is president and does what he wants while buffoons like Bolton wait on the sidelines. Here is one of his hand grenades, as reported by the Times:

During Mr. Trump’s 2018 meeting with North Korea’s leader, according to the book, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slipped Mr. Bolton a note disparaging the president, saying, “He is so full of s**t.”

Like that is a shock! Anyone with half a brain knows that Trump blows smoke up the asses of foreign leaders whenever he thinks he can get something out of them. The fact that Pompeo is cognizant of Trump’s shtick and Bolton is mortified by it tells you everything you need to know about the “unreliable narrator” of this faux White House memoir.

The Justice Department is considering criminal charges against Bolton over the leaks of classified info in “The Room Where It All Happened.” That would fall far short of what Bolton deserves, but I cannot adequately describe the death penalty most appropriate for a traitorous coward without offending the Tech Overlords, so we will have to leave it at that.


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  1. Thank you for not mincing words !!!!!!!!
    The enemy was and is within the gates…
    Some guy(football coach) ? long ago said ‘Nice guys finish last’..
    With all that is going on, I suspect that soon no one can just ‘sit on the fence’

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