We need more Tucker Carlsons and way fewer Duckworths and Omars

Tucker Carlson has taken a page out of President Trump’s playbook — he has started telling the truth about Democrats (and Republican hacks) for their witless surrender of our country to the radical left mob.

This started in late May when the antifa and BLM mobs started tearing down statues and burning buildings. Back in early June, I called him a modern-day Cassandra for his dire and obviously true warnings that most people will ignore. Since then he has just gotten better — enough so that some people are touting him for a presidential run in 2024.

On Tuesday night, Carlson skewered Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth for her hypocrisy. The disabled vet, who is on the short list to be Joe Biden’s veep, has said she is “open” to having a discussion about taking down statues of George Washington, our nation’s first president and first commander-in-chief.

Really? Carlson let her have it on his Monday night show, and then the veteran who is a double amputee hit back on Twitter, saying that Carlson should “walk a mile” in her legs before he could criticize her.

That precipitated Carlson’s rant on Tuesday when he berated Duckworth as a coward for refusing to appear on his show and debate her willingness to talk about shit-canning George Washington. Her aide told Carlson’s show that she would only appear if Carlson first issued a public apology! WTH! How do these slimy bastards wind up in Congress?

For your additional viewing pleasure, stay tuned till the end to watch as Carlson goes after Rep. Ilhan Omar for admitting that her goal is “dismantling” the U.S. economy and system of government.

As Tucker notes, people like Duckworth and Omar must truly hate America in order to say the things they do — so how can they serve it? Only because the rest of us let them. We need more conservatives like Carlson who are not afraid to speak the truth! And way fewer anti-patriotic leftist hacks like Duckworth and Omar.


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3 Replies to “We need more Tucker Carlsons and way fewer Duckworths and Omars”

  1. Warriors like Mr. Miele and Mr. Carlson are gaining strength by your examples. We don’t feel as alienated because we see how the media is not just bias but corrupt. I don’t like referring to media other than Heartland Diary USA and Fox, Blaze, Breitbart and Newsmax, as Main stream media. I believe the other louder outlets are loud, but not mainstream. They are the corrupt media and Heartland Diary USA, Fox, Blaze, Breitbart, and Newsmax are honest brokers. These outlets should be referred to “Mainstream media.” In the past, Tucker Carlson has been savaged by the Fox team headed by Paul Ryan. For a while the Paul Ryan team wanted Tucker to say milktoast stuff. His analysis of that fraud, Duckworth, is accurate. Only a coward would use the fact that she was injured in Iraq as an excuse to be stupid. I’m partially blind. Does that excuse me from insulting my country? Does that give me a pass Everytime someone disagrees with me? If Fox ever dares try to change Tucker’s honesty, their viewership will be very disappointed.

    Joe Morrisco

  2. I cannot seem to send a reply to the article written in RealClear Politics by David Marcus of the Federalist about how the “Left or Progressives are getting more and more racist.” Everyone is being held hostage unless they bow to the horror of communist followers like Sandy Cortez and the ingrate, Ilhan Omar or visa versa. The president of Goya showed strength and style. The fools that apologize after making a real assessment just fuel the anarchists. If these white and black anarchists have such a problem with a country which is loved by millions, they can access jets to take them to the promised land of the birthplace of Lenin or a jet to sunny Somalia. Nobody is holding them back. They can find their own kingdom to run. See how easy they find it using cheap labor and minorities to build the fine buildings in their new country. David Marcus hit the topic beautifully. They are fascists and racists. They use intimidation and fear as well as racism to do their work for them. Nobody, least of all Nancy Pelosi, want these radicals at her gated mansion, do she makes nice and says people will do what people do about tearing down statues which are NOT their property. So as with Nancy, the scared politicians and CEOs are trying to placate the rabble. The CEOs are supporting the very anarchists who want to remove them from their corporate positions, their homes, and their families. David Marcus and others can’t be everywhere at once, but with the hope of reality returning, and the grace of God, our schools will put in curricula which is truthful, not victim oriented. Since when does one school board in Texas dictate what every school should study? If Pelosi wants to maintain her oversight of the President of the United States, who is maintaining the oversight over our children’s curriculum? We are seeing the fruit of the poisonous curriculum tree every day of these “mostly” peaceful protests. Bogus protests.

    1. The Federalist got rid of their comments because google threatened to block them from their ad sales platform because they allowed people to comment without restriction.

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