Bill Barr nails bumptious Jerry Nadler: ‘You’re a real class act!’

Here’s a moment for the ages that was the perfect rejoinder to one of the most distressing congressional performances in history.

Rep. Jerry Nadler, Democrat chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, had allowed the Democrats on the committee to ride rough shod over Attorney General Barr all day, never allowing him to answer their misleading and accusative questions.

Toward the end of the hearing, Rep. Greg Stanton, D-Arizona, took offense when the attorney general said he would “follow the law” regarding how to respond to vote counting in November.

No doubt exasperated, and hungry after four hours of questioning, Barr asked for a five minute recess when Stanton’s inquisition ended.

Remarkably, in a breach of common courtesy, Nadler told him no, he could not have a break. It was at that point that Barr uttered the perfect summation of not just Nadler’s behavior, but that of all the Democrats in the Committee:

“You’re a real class act!” Barr told Nadler (with a smile yet!)

Suddenly, Barr was allowed to have his break, but the American people won’t get a break from this petty juvenile nonsense in Congress until all the Democrats are voted out of office!


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