VIDEO: Andy Ngo delivers dire warning about Antifa’s threat to the nation

Citizen journalist Andy Ngo, who has risked his life to cover Antifa’s violence in Portland, testified before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution today (Tuesday, August 4, 2020).

Ngo delivered a quiet but passionate opening statement in which he warned that Antifa doesn’t just want to bring down the criminal justice system, they want to “bring down the republic itself.” Please watch for yourself.

In conclusion, Ngo warned the senators that “Portland is the canary in the coal mine.”

Andy Ngo is a true American hero who has put his body in danger in order to protect free speech. Please share this video and post widely so that people can hear the truth before the November elections.

Electing Joe Biden president is condoning violence and ultimately the overthrowing of the Constitution.


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One Reply to “VIDEO: Andy Ngo delivers dire warning about Antifa’s threat to the nation”

  1. I’ve seen Andy Ngo before. His only agenda is to report the truth. Due to the storm, I lost power and cable in Bedminster, NJ, today, and I was looking forward to the anti terrorist hearings today about the group with the phony name saying they are against fascists, and the other phony group saying Black lives matter. Both groups profess a viewpoint that nobody would disagree with, but both groups represent themselves illegally and immorally. Antifa is NOT AGAINST fascism. They ARE the fascists of the brown shirt variety seen in Germany and Italy in the 1930s and 1940s. Nobody has Honest-to-God history anymore or they would recognize everything they do and everything the group known as blm does, is dishonest. Kristallnacht is something every high school kid and college kid should know about. The world witnessed Kristallnacht in Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, Chicago and other places from may 25th to now. If white college know-it-all girls don’t see the evil they have been suckered into by participating in Antifa and BLM, they will never see the evil Andy Ngo saw. Thank you for the video. I couldn’t see it due to our cable being out and I appreciate your attaching it.
    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ

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