Trump does it again — shuts down Fake News reporter!

President Trump is feeling reinvigorated as he enters the fray of his re-election campaign, maybe because he has refocused on his real enemy: the Fake News Media!

For the second day in a row at his Bedminster golf club, Trump took questions from reporters. This time, after signing four executive orders to help the American people recovering from the economic effects of COVID, Trump was being harassed by two reporters. WATCH:


The second one, Paula Reid of CBS, said the president was going to get sued for going around Congress. He answered her, but she would not stop pestering him when he tried to move to another reporter.

President Trump told her, “No, no… You’re finished.”

The gallery crowd cheered in support of Trump, but Reid would not shut up, so the president just ended the press conference.

“Thank you very much everybody,” he said to the applause of the members of the public who came to cheer on their president against the Fake News Media.


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One Reply to “Trump does it again — shuts down Fake News reporter!”

  1. I watched the coverage of President Trump and the actual words he said. If you compare all the work he did this weekend and how it was reported, you would think you were on a different wave length. Two entirely different observations. As usual, he worked all weekend, and he was brilliant. He handled the signing of the executive orders and speaking to the “Resistance Reporters” with efficiency and candor. Many critics say President Trump is crude. It seems to me that these are the same people who “hate” labels. How funny they, once again, accuse him of what they, themselves, are guilty. Glad you mentioned Paula Reid’s crudeness and selfishness. Her parents should be so proud that she is earning a name for herself as loud and pushy, not smart and clever. Women don’t need to shout in order to be heard. And the President answered her. Not good enough for this woman, hear her roar, because the crudeness of her comments and questions were intentionally annoying. She asked, or should I say repeated an accusation, and the President acknowledged and answered. She persisted because, obviously, inquiring minds want to know what “she” thinks. If she thinks the “left” will admire and revere her for the Jim Acosta stunt of shutting down the ability for other “journalists” to ask President Trump questions, she may be in for a surprise. If people like her would only put as much effort into the real story of the century, i.e., the obama-FBI’s efforts to sabotage the Trump campaign, presidency, and entire administration, then reporters could be held accountable for aiding and abetting this unlawful and devious behavior. She and her Resistance Reporters are proud of what the FBI attempted and for years got away with. The FBI sabotage is what Carl Bernstein should be investigating. But Bernstein is part of the “Reporters-Resistance-against-Trump” political party. The truth has nothing to do with these resistance-reporters. So Paula wouldn’t know the difference between integrity and her own personal dislike of the President. Is that what they are all learning in “Journalism” schools? Where do they dig up the “professors” who teach journalism by discouraging integrity and honesty in their classes? Or is this more of the accepted “Jussie Smollett-truth” which differs from the real truth and actual facts?

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

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