‘Slow Joe’: Team Trump finally nails a nickname on Biden that will stick!

With Joe Biden’s idiotic announcement today that he will run for president with a Kamala Harris millstone around his neck, he gave President Trump a huge gift!

Read my piece about Harris here, but the bad news for Biden didn’t stop there! In response to the Kamala Harris news, the Trump War Room has unveiled its new nickname for Biden — and this one is much more devastating than Sleepy Joe Biden. Meet “Slow Joe” and his running mate “Phony Kamala.”


That is brutal, but right on target. Biden is clearly cognitively challenged, and there is no reason why Trump should pretend otherwise (the Fake News Media are doing enough of that in their own!).

The more the Democrats embrace lawlessness and socialism, the more likely that Trump will win by a landslide. Don’t buy the skewed polls. They are just meant to discourage Trump voters, but it won’t work.

This is the most important election in the history of the United States because if Trump loses there won’t be any United States.


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