Biden plays footsy with corrupt media that won’t ever ask him about being handsy

Disgusting! That’s the only word to describe the media’s fawning hero-worshiping questions for Joe Biden at today’s press conference.

What a bunch of whoring brown-nosers!

Worst of all was this question from Ed O’Keefe of CBS:

“You said today you’re the angriest you’ve been as a presidential candidate. Um, but you said you’re trying to restrain yourself. Aren’t there a lot of people out there who are supporting you or are inclined to not vote for the president who would say, ‘Why isn’t Joe Biden angrier about all of this?'”

This followed immediately after Biden’s response to a previous O’Keefe question when the former Vice President responded, “How many times does this president have to suggest things and say things where you all don’t just write, ‘He’s a fraud’? Not an opinion… I think it’s all designed to create so much chaos that no matter what the outcome if the election is, that it’s thrown up in the air. …

“He says and does things that no other President … has ever done. And we all go ‘well, there’s another ridiculous illegal inappropriate thing he’s said but he says so many of them it doesn’t matter.’ It just undermines the legitimacy of our democratic process and it’s dangerous.”

Hmmm. Sounds angry to me! Also sounds like Biden is just hitting back another softball question. Can you imagine Biden ever calling out the Fake News liars like Trump does? Hell no, because there is a Biden-media non-aggression pact in place. The media owns Biden, and Biden owes the media. As long as they don’t ask him about Tara Reade, they will get along fine.

The odd thing is that Biden was angrier than I’ve ever seen him at today’s speech, which was supposedly about the economy, but instead turned into a Trump-bashing session. Still, OKeefe felt it important to goad Biden into bashing Trump with the same ferocity as the members of the media.

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Biden said he didn’t like to get too angry because it’s not presidential. “The job of a president is to set an example,” Biden pontificated. Of course, that’s just more bullshit. The job of a president is to lead, but not by example. He or she is to lead by getting things done, by improving our country, by fighting our country’s enemies, and Trump has done that better than any president I have watched.

Of course, every question from the compliant corrupt Democrat media was a a chance for Biden to clobber Trump over some Fake News tidbit. Here are a couple, paraphrased:

The first one was from a reporter from the Fake News Atlantic magazine who wanted Biden to comment on the Fake News Atlantic story that made up anti-military quotes that Trump supposedly uttered in a trip to France. Biden had already spent five minutes fulminating on how horrible these quotes were “IF Trump really said them,” but that was not good enough, so the reporter brought up the reaction by Trump-hating Khzir Khan, who said, ‘The president has the soul of a coward.’

Question: “What do you think about President Trump’s soul?”

And the rest:

— “What do you say about the crazy loon crackpots who believe in Q Anon and think there are sex traffickers in government? And why hasn’t Trump condemned this lunatic conspiracy?”

— “Trump says you’re a girly man because you wear a mask all the time. How do you respond to the anti-science evil Trump?”

— “Where’s Kamala?”

OMG! Apparently these DC reporters have no interest in knowing Biden’s opinion about anything except Trump’s opinion. No questions about Burisma or Ukraine. No questions about the Secret Service agents who say Biden used to cup their wives’ breasts with his filthy palms. No questions about Biden’s lies about when he first warned about the dangers of COVID-19. No questions about Michael Flynn and the Logan Act.

Just plain drivel.


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2 Replies to “Biden plays footsy with corrupt media that won’t ever ask him about being handsy”

  1. Dear Mr. Miele….. How you and I don’t have a meltdown when idiots like Biden are quoted as though they are brilliant statesmen, I don’t know! Biden using hypotheticals is typical of the liberals. Your article says Biden was quizzed mainly about Trump and it’s my perception of the media, like cilizza and others, that they want their jobs made easier so they provoke their soundbites and then they can go home. Job well done. Maybe a raise or a spot on the nightly news. Biden, and many of my liberal critics, cannot say specifically what exactly President Trump is doing to “shred the Constitution.” In your article, Biden appears to whine about Trump, but never lists even the glaring accomplishments he has made. Very simple one: Cut regulations. Another simple one: Ask, suggest, then demand that NATO partners pay their fair share. It’s what Hillary and Barack would ask of oil companies, banks, taxpayers, and other entities which earned their OWN money. But Biden whines abstractly about Trump: “He says and does things that no other President … has ever done. And we all go ‘well, there’s another ridiculous illegal inappropriate thing he’s said but he says so many of them it doesn’t matter.’ It just undermines the legitimacy of our democratic process and it’s dangerous.” I have learned that the liberals, socialists, and now Democrats will say anything, lie, cheat, and steal, to get back their power, their swamp creds, and their future investments and Hunter Biden-type of jobs. But Biden, Nancy, Maxine, Chuck and others, accuse President Trump of the exact things they have done. Honi soit qui mal y pence.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

  2. Good morning,
    Yes, it’s past time to stand up for America. Who would ever believe that the people we elected would just sit there and let our cities burn to the ground. If HIlary had been elected, we would already be in chains.
    I think everyone should have a gun and know how to use it., so when they come to your house, you can take them down with one shot. I am frustrated. What can one person do? Thank God, we have Trump.

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