Gross! CNN’s Jake Tapper exposes himself on national TV!

Wow! Talk about exposing yourself on national TV! We got a face full on Sept. 13 when Fake News reporter Jake Tapper exposed himself (not for the first time) as a pit bull for the Democrat Party in his interview with Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro on “State of the Union.”

Navarro wanted to talk about the phony spin in Bob Woodward’s “Rage,” but Tapper wouldn’t let him get a word in edge-wise. It is obvious to anyone with a memory (or access to the tapes) that President Trump was both stressing the seriousness of the China Virus in February and yet promoting a sense of calm to ensure that the American public did not panic.

Woodward however tried to make Trump look like he was lying to the American people because the president told Woodward the virus was a deadly threat. Really?!? Does anyone think Trump took the unprecedented step of shutting down air travel from China because it was NOT serious?!? This is just illogical anti-Trump hogwash.

Repeatedly in this interview, Tapper talks over Navarro and refuses to let him make his points for why Woodward’s book is just more left-wing spin. (Compare this to the interview Tapper did with Joe Biden immediately after when Biden was allowed to give leisurely answers and didn’t have to fight to be heard.

“This is not fair!” Navarro complained to Tapper, but it was no use. CNN controls the air waves; they do their own fact checks declaring themselves right; and they unzip their bias right in their viewers’ faces. Disgusting.

For a lesson in how to get around Fake Newsers like Tapper, check out the earlier part of his interview with Navarro here.

(Check out my analysis tomorrow of the Fake News media as the builders of an informational Berlin Wall meant to prevent the public from getting a fair picture of their president, as well as preventing Trump’s strength in America from being accurately reported.)


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