Peter Navarro gives lesson in how to get message out past the Berlin Wall of Fake News

On “State of the Union” on September 13, Jake Tapper was outfoxed by Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro.

As you know the Fake News media like to control the narrative, and only push anti-Trump talking points. Navarro used narrative jiu-jitsu on Tapper by destroying his claim that Trump only works as president for red states and ignores blue states. As Navarro pointed out, Trump went overboard in the early months of the COVID crisis to help New York State get everything Gov. Cuomo requested.

Even more importantly, Navarro insisted on talking about President Trump being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, something that was on the verboten list for most Sunday morning talk shows. Trump’s great work in the Middle East could be a game changer, so Tapper doesn’t want you to know about it.

As usual, Tapper tries to quash Navarro from talking about pro-Trump news, but Navarro insists on making his point before yielding the floor back to Tapper.

Others need to learn from Navarro about how to fight back against the Fake News Media. Read my Sept. 14 column about how the Mainstream media have created an informational Berlin Wall around the White House. Navarro knows how to get over the wall and communicate with the free world!

Sadly, the rest of Tapper’s Fake News interview with Navarro about Bob Woodward’s Fake News book and the COVID crisis didn’t go so well. Check it out here.


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