Mitt Romney permits Trump to nominate Supreme Court justice. All hail, King Mitt!

You have to give Mitt Romney credit. He always manages to place himself at the center of any issue that involves lots of air time such as the fight over the future of the Supreme Court.

Today, in a showy gesture of magnanimity, Romney gave permission to President Trump to nominate a replacement for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and said it’s OK for the Senate to actually vote on the nomination, too. Way to go, junior senator from Utah! You didn’t use the old thumbs-up thumbs-down routine of your pal John McCain, but you made it clear you were in charge. King Mitt has spoken!

As much as we despise this self-loving bundle of effrontery, you have to admit that like Norma Desmond in “Sunset Boulevard,” he’s always ready for his closeup.

Most significantly, he managed to turn his Trump hatred into 15 minutes of fame when he was the lone Republican to vote to impeach Trump, but here’s good thing: With this latest move, Romney will find himself as hated by his liberal friends in the media as he is by real Republicans.

Meanwhile, we wait a decent interval until Saturday to hear who President Trump will nominate. Amy Coney Barrett has the inside track, but never assume anything with Trump.

And never assume anything with Romney either. Although he should vote to confirm a conservative nominee, one never knows for sure what he will do until the cameras turn on.


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2 Replies to “Mitt Romney permits Trump to nominate Supreme Court justice. All hail, King Mitt!”

  1. I believe he was read the riot act by his constituents and by Trump. Not his idea if he could have gotten away without doing such. RLS

  2. Mitt Romney gets so excited when the liberal press interview him. He answered with too many words for a simple answer. Yes or no.

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