Democrats want Trump to agree not to fight a rigged election. LOL! Bring it on!

There have been two presidential elections in the last 60 years that were close enough that they could have been challenged in a court of law.

In one case it was challenged, in Bush v. Gore, which led to Republican George W. Bush winning the election in 2000 by one electoral vote, thanks to a few hundred votes in Florida. The election itself wasn’t rigged, but the vote count could have been if Bush hadn’t fought back against the Democrats in Florida. Eventually the Supreme Court ruled in Bush’s favor.

In the other case, the election result was not challenged by the candidate. That case, less well known, was the 1960 race between Sen. John Kennedy, D-Mass., and Republican Vice President Richard Nixon. Although there was considerable suspicion of fraud in both Texas and Illinois vote counts, Nixon ultimately decided not to challenge the result of the razor-thin Kennedy victory “for the good of the country.”

It is widely suspected that two political bosses, Sen. Lyndon Johnson of Texas and Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago, ensured a Kennedy victory in their respective states. According to the long-ago conservative Chicago Tribune, “once an election has been stolen in Cook County [Chicago], it stays stolen.”

So now, the left-wing Democrat-compliant Fake News media wants Donald Trump to ensure a “peaceful transition of power,” which presumably means following Nixon’s path in 1960 and just accepting that the Democrats stole the election “fair and square,” as a character says in Oliver Stone’s film about Nixon.

But there are significant differences in these cases, most notably that in 2020, Democrats will be trying to steal an election from an incumbent. As president, Trump will have significant power to challenge fraudulent voting. And of course, Trump has shown himself willing to fight back tirelessly against the corrupt media unlike Nixon who famously told the press, after losing the governor’s race in California, “You don’t have Nixon to kick around any more because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference.”

At this point, Trump doesn’t admit that he will lose the election unless the Democrats cheat. Therefore, in Trump’s mind, to guarantee a peaceful transition of power to the Democrats now would be a willing surrender to Democrat cheating.

Ain’t gonna happen. At least not without a court fight — or many court fights. After reading about all the illegal things done by the Obama administration and the FBI and CIA to prevent Trump from becoming president in the first place, it would take a fool to say in advance that he would accept the results of the election no matter how crooked.

And Trump ain’t no fool.

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