Liars, damn liars and Democrats


Why can’t Democrats tell the truth?

And that goes not just for the pathological liars like Adam Schiff, but also the run-of-the-mill Fake Moderate Democrats like Montana’s Steve Bullock. Since when do “moderates” support Democrat goals like eliminating the Second Amendment or endorse the far-left agenda of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer?

For that matter, why can’t Democrats even admit they are Democrats? I’m talking about the Fake Republicans like Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post or David French at National Review or any of the phony conservatives in the Lincoln Project, who are actually the equivalent of John Wilkes Booth taking a headshot at Lincoln’s Republican Party.

Then there are the media liars, who act like they are completely unaware of the real world. Oh wait, that may not be a lie! I think we now know that Leslie Stahl is clueless.

Of course, the worst liar of all is Joe Biden. You’ve got the “I never said I would ban fracking” lie, but that doesn’t come close to the “I never talked to Hunter about his foreign business deals” lie. And now the straight-faced lie that allegations of corruption by Hunter and Joe in China and the Ukraine have been discredited!

Discredited by whom, you blowhard?!?

Yep, you have to hand it to these Democrats. They have made lying an art form.

(By the way, this entire post is just Russian disinformation, and I am a top-secret GRU espionage group called Grizzly Bear. LATER, comrades!)


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