Fake News AP spins explosive 33% economic growth into ‘Run for your lives!’

In one of the most blatant instances of Fake News reporting I have ever seen in my 40-year career as a journalist (and I’ve seen a lot!) , the Associated Press has spun the greatest single quarter of economic growth in U.S. history into the equivalent of a zombie plague.

“Run for your lives!”

Reporter Martin Crutsinger stated the very positive news in his first paragraph (“the U.S. economy grew at a sizzling 33.1% annual rate in the July-September quarter — by far the largest quarterly gain on record”) and then proceeded to spin the truth into one more tiresome reason not to vote for President Trump!

Crutsinger turns on a dime, with the use of that remarkable word “Yet.”

Yet the recovery from the deepest recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s remains far from complete. The Commerce Department’s estimate Thursday of third-quarter growth regained only about two-thirds of the output that was lost early this year when the economy essentially froze as safety orders forced restaurants, bars and many retailers to shut down.” (Emphasis added.)

The reporter wasn’t done yet! Just in case anyone was thinking that 33 percent growth was a reason to run out and vote for President Trump on Tuesday, Crutsinger warned of the Dark Winter ahead. I’ll break it down into bullet points, but remember these are the real words of an AP reporter writing about the greatest quarter of economic growth in history:

  • “The economy is now weakening again…”
  • “Confirmed viral cases are surging.
  • “Hiring has sagged.”
  • “Government stimulus has run out.
  • No further federal aid in sight …

Remember, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!

In case you were in doubt, Crutsinger found an economic leech at Moody’s to spin this bright news into a witch’s cauldron of Hate Trump propaganda:

“We have a pretty noxious brew developing with the pandemic intensifying, the lack of any further government stimulus and signs showing that the economy is already slowing pretty significantly,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics.

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PUH-leaze! Could we just get the real news out before we start making up scary Halloween stories?!?

Tell your friends: 33 percent economic growth is GOOD news, and Donald Trump is the president who made it happen! Don’t let vampire Joe Biden suck the life out of the best economy in a hundred years!!!!


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