Wednesday morning coming down (post-election blues)

Well, I was confident enough last night to predict a Trump victory just after midnight, but what a difference a few hours makes! Now I’ve got the mother of all hangovers, and I haven’t had a drink for 35 years!

Overnight, Biden has supposedly made up a 100,000-plus vote difference in Michigan and a smaller disadvantage in Wisconsin. He’s ahead by 8,000 votes in Nevada, and the talking heads tell us he is sitting on a stash of votes in Georgia as well, where Trump currently has the lead.

So right now Trump stands at 213 electoral votes. If you give him Pennsylvania and North Carolina, he stands at 248. But he needs another 22 votes to hit the magic 270. If he somehow flips Nevada (where he’s just behind by 8000 votes), that gets him to 254, but he still needs 16 votes. Michigan could supply exactly that, but with 95% of the vote counted, Biden is up by 16,000 in that state. Georgia also has 16 votes, but like I said, Democrats think they have it in the bag.

The question of course is whether there is any fraud in the ballot counting. The whole thing will be headed to court, but Republicans don’t usually win in court.

Bottom line: Trump has to have everything fall in line perfectly to pull out a victory. In other words, it’s in God’s hands. Pray!


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