Trump to Fake News reporter: “Don’t ever talk to the president that way!”

This moment was a long time coming. President Trump has had plenty of confrontations with Fake News reporters over the last four years, but it wasn’t till today (November 26, 2020) that he put it just the right way when he treated Jeff Mason of Reuters like a spoiled little child who didn’t have any manners.

When Mason interrupted Trump in the middle of his answer about why he would never accept the legitimacy of a Biden presidency, Trump let him have it:

“Don’t talk to me that way. You’re just a lightweight. Don’t talk to me that way. Don’t talk to… I’m the President of the United States. Don’t ever talk to the president that way.”

Hallelujah! This isn’t the first time that Mason has tried to Bigfoot it over the president. Last year, Mason tried to corner Trump with a question about the Bidens illegal activities in Ukraine when the president was holding a press conference with the president of Finland. Read about that encounter here, and to add insult to injury you can read about Eric Shawn of Fox News congratulating Mason for his crude behavior. Videos of both incidents are included with my earlier post.

But let’s not let the lightweight Mason ruin our Thanksgiving! In fact, having the president come out and vigorously defend his efforts to prove Joe Biden cheated during the election reminds us just how thankful we should be to have a great president like Donald Trump in the White House.


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3 Replies to “Trump to Fake News reporter: “Don’t ever talk to the president that way!””

  1. I saw President Trump yesterday (November 26, 2020) and heard his reply to the Reuters guy. I tend to block his name. Mr. Trump has had the worst media coverage from left leaning sycophants (to use AOC’s new favorite word). The left leaning media delighted in spreading the word that he was an “illegitimate” president, but can’t understand why the President would consider the last election so illegitimate and illegal due to Pelosi’s “arrow in her quiver” of fraudulent mail-in and, in my case, “unrequested ballot” even though the ballot said “here is the ballot you requested.” I didn’t request it and if people couldn’t get to the polls, that’s life. The Dems kept this country in a continuous state of fear so the mail in ballots would be accepted. Nobody had an issue marching down fifth avenue painting blm, or looting targets, best buy, and Gucci. They didn’t mail in their ballots requesting television sets, Gucci handbags, or computers. They showed up in person. Everyone who could have, should have voted in person. The only way Georgia will be legal is in-person voting. Stay strong, Mr. Miele. It can’t be easy reporting this horror show. And, of course, we all continue to pray for President Trump and his legal advisors. Pray for their wisdom… They sure need it.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster NJ 07921

  2. He’s now lost 36 appeals. Where is the wisdom? Who the heck is advising him? This is an attempt to fill his coffers with false claims and the price to pursue them in court.

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