Fox News reporter runs interference for Georgia’s corrupt vote-counting scheme! Sad!

Who ya gonna believe? Your own lying eyes or a Fake News Fox? The day after the world learned about suspicious behavior in Georgia’s Fulton County on election night, Fox’s Griff Jenkins rode to the rescue of the fraudsters.

Jenkins shilled for the Georgia Secretary of State and told Fox viewers that the video evidence of ballots being counted in the middle of the night after poll watchers were told to go home is much ado about nothing.

Of course, it’s no surprise that Fox News is running interference for the election fraud. That’s been going in since election night when Fox News inexplicably called Arizona for Trump at a time when hardly any votes had been counted. But this latest report may be the most blatant example of Fox basically lying to try to put out a fire and help Joe Biden.

“I just got off the phone with a senior source in the Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office, a Republican, who tells me that they had a designated observer at that spot all night, the entire time, and they’ve seen this video, they’re familiar with the claims, and they said that they’re simply not true,” Jenkins said on “Fox and Friends.”

“The suggestion that Georgia vote counters were sent home and ballots were brought in in suitcases, also not true.”

It’s bad enough that Jenkins blindly repeats the claim of the Georgia secretary of state’s office that there was a vote monitor, but he apparently doesn’t ask why the GOP poll watchers were sent home.

Most blatantly, Jenkins “debunks” claims that the ballot counters went home and brought the ballots back in suitcases! No one ever claimed that! It’s a Fake News red herring being debunked by Fake Fox.

For the real story, check out this.

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2 Replies to “Fox News reporter runs interference for Georgia’s corrupt vote-counting scheme! Sad!”

  1. Thanks Frank! I have stopped watching Fox and only watch Newsmax, so I missed this shameful Griff Jenkins cover-up. 🙁 I have vowed to never tune in again even though I really like Hannity and Ingraham. Epoch Times keeps me updated and is far more trustworthy than submitting myself to Fox’s “we report and you decide” line of BS.

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