National Review is now worse than Drudge Report — Be gone!

How disgusting it is to read the National Review today and remember that it is the legacy of William Buckley.

Buckley’s radical conservative voice has been drowned out by a stable of hacks and flunkies who are trying to sell themselves as the protectors of liberty when they are actually just hucksters shilling for the establishment.

Today they are celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to allow election fraud to stand because Texas does not have “standing” to defend the Constitution. Listen to these headlines:

  • “Texas Lawsuit to Overturn Election Was Indefensible, Littered with False Conclusions, Lawyers Say” (Yeah, the lawyers representing the states with corrupt elections!)
  • “Time to Step Back From the Brink: Did the GOP attorneys general who backed Texas’s failed election lawsuit understand the dangerous implications of their argument?” (This is Andy McCarthy’s farewell to the conservative community. Bye, Felicia!)
  • “Barr’s Critics Should Reconsider” (This is actually a celebration of Barr’s refusal to tell the American public that the Bidens were under investigation since last spring, and thus allowing the election fraud to occur.)
  • “And With That . . . the Legal Challenges to the 2020 Election Are Exhausted” (This is Jim Geraghty’s victory lap, but as usual he is wrong … multiple lawsuits were filed in the 24 hours following the Supreme Court’s abdication.)

Sorry, Andy McCarthy, but I will go to the brink for the Constitution every time. So without further ado, I bid farewell to National Review forever. Previously I had checked out their website to get a handle on what the GOP establishment was thinking, but now that is unnecessary: I can just turn on MSNBC instead.

For what it’s worth, National Review is now even worse than the Drudge Report, the one-time aggregator of conservative news which suddenly turned liberal last year. Matt Drudge never claimed to be a spokesperson for conservatives — he was one guy with a viewpoint that made him rich. But National Review was supposed to have our back. Instead they just wanted our wallet.



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4 Replies to “National Review is now worse than Drudge Report — Be gone!”

  1. You are right about the National Review. You are right about my absolute go-to attorney from the “Mother Court,” Southern District of New York, Andrew McCarthy. I lost my admiration for Mr. McCarthy due to his current style of analysis because if a criticism can be made toward President Trump and his decisions, he makes it.
    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster NJ 07921

  2. I don’t want Andrew McCarthy to gloss over President Trump’s issues, but we have so many Liberal Political Media people who make it their full time job to criticize every breath President Trump takes, we need people of mr. McCarthy’s stature to focus on the successes President Trump is responsible for. I think he can do both.

  3. President Trump directed all his energies toward giving the country back to the American citizens. The National Review and your old “Real Clear Politics” have a ton of Trump critics. That’s ok. But to have Andrew McCarthy lend his name to an assortment of criticisms about those who doubt the legitimacy of the mail in votes is not necessary. Why should he highlight what may lie in wait to the GOP lawmakers who backed the Texas lawsuit? The Dems backed BLM and antifa. What happened to them? Nothing. Cities burned, smashed and looted and law-makers in those states were encouraged by a woman who thinks she will be President. Joe Biden should have a good food taster on call.
    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster NJ 07921

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