Bill Barr’s removal clears the way for special counsels to be appointed

Attorney General Bill Barr had to go. He’s probably a good, well-meaning man, but his establishmentarian instincts are exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time if you want to see justice at the Justice Department.

There’s no doubt that the DOJ and the FBI are ground zero for the Swamp, and Barr’s decades-long relationship with the DOJ and the political establishment meant that he was going to stall and push back against President Trump in the fight to expose the ugly dirty truth about the Deep State Coup being waged against the American people.

The president survived the Russian hoax and the Fake Impeachment plot not because of any honest efforts by the Department of Justice to uncover the truth, but because he fought tooth and nail against the plotters. Barr, on the other hand, was content to occasionally voice his support for “truth, Justice and the American way,” but he never seemed to lift a finger to get anything done.

The last straw for me was when Barr allowed 50 Deep State conspirators to lie about the Hunter Biden laptop and call it “Russian disinformation” without publicly flogging them as traitors and cheaters. Barr had all the evidence that Trump was being set up and that Joe Biden was compromised by China, and he did NOTHING!

So yeah, he needed to go. If President Trump gets his second term, he will need to completely clean out the DOJ, but even if Biden completes his coup, it is vital for Barr to be gone now.

That’s because the best protection the American people have against the Biden crime family is the appointment of at least two special counsels — one to investigate the extensive evidence of criminal activities by the Bidens in regard to influence peddling, and the other to confirm and prosecute the perpetrators of the election fraud that would put Biden in the White House.

Trump is too smart to walk out of the White House and just trust that the Democrats will conduct an honest investigation in either case. You know he is going to make sure that the truth comes out, and the only way for that to happen is getting those special prosecutors appointed before Jan. 20. Bill Barr would have made that impossible.

Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, Barr’s interim replacement, does not have roots in the Justice Department. He started there in May 2019, and previously he had served as second in command at the Transportation Department and as a lawyer at the Office of Management and Budget. So we can hope he will not be a protector of the Swamp. If he does try to oppose President Trump, I’m confident he will resign as well.

One way or the other, the truth is coming out.

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