Where is Steve Daines? Montana senator AWOL in electoral fight

[UPDATE: Sen. Daines has reportedly joined an effort by Ted Cruz to object to the election results until an election audit is conducted by a blue-ribbon panel. See story here.]

Today, I lauded Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri for his patriotic decision to object to the electoral results from at least one state in the 2020 presidential election.

It is necessary for at least one senator and one member of the House to object to force a debate on the legitimacy of the electors for each state.

As many as 140 GOP members of the House are expected to object to the certification of electors on Jan. 6, but so far Hawley is the only senator to step forward.

So the question of the hour is “Where the hell are the rest of the Republican senators?” Can they honestly say they believe the election victory of Joe Biden was legitimate? If so, they probably haven’t studied the evidence.

In Montana, Republicans have to ask, “Where the hell is Sen. Steve Daines?” He took some heat immediately after the Nov. 3 election for refusing to recognize Joe Biden as the apparent victor, but ever since the Electoral College votes in Dec. 14, he has been acutely silent.

Considering that he represents a state that overwhelmingly voted for President a Trump, Daines ought to be seriously considering joining Hawley on Wednesday. It is important to know that if a state’s electoral votes are challenged by a senator and House member, then it forces two hours of debate in both the House and Senate. But only those who objected are allowed to make the case for why the results are not legitimate. It is too much to ask Hawley to carry that load by himself. Other senators need to step forward to offer their assistance in this process.

Sen. Daines, you have nothing to lose and a nation’s gratitude to gain if you do the right thing and object to the certification of electoral votes in states where fraud has been alleged. Your support for President Trump has been seen and noted, but now is the time to make a difference. As Mitch McConnell has noted, your vote on Jan. 6 will be the most important one of your entire Senate career.

Do the right thing, Sen. Daines. Don’t hide.

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(You can let Sen. Daines know what you think by writing or calling him using this contact info.)


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  1. Some men always act in their own best interest and it usually a cowardly act. Looks like that here. RLS

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