Lindsey Graham warns GOP senators: If you support impeachment, you will destroy party

Sen. Lindsey Graham is on the wrong side as often as he’s on the right side, but you have to give him credit for not buckling to Democratic pressure on impeachment.

A lot of top Republicans are staying on the sidelines, but Graham has been vocal in his opposition to the second impeachment of President Trump. On the Jan. 17 episode of “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo, Graham urged Joe Biden to intervene with Senate Democrats to give up their “Scarlet Letter” impeachment efforts.

He then warned his GOP colleagues that if they join the Democrats, they are making a historic mistake. “If we embrace an unconstitutional impeachment of Donald Trump after he is out of office, it will destroy the party.” WATCH:


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  1. Given the Republican party leadership, both nationally and in California, one can only say—out with the rinos!

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