BOOM! Trump defense attorneys set fire to ‘sham impeachment’ by exposing Democrat hypocrisy

Pardon my shock, but the Never Trump attorney on President Trump’s defense team actually brought the heat today and made Democrats look like the hypocritical knaves they are.

It was just a couple of days ago when I posted a warning about Michael van der Veen being on the Trump impeachment team, because of his history of being anti-Trump. One of van der Veen’s previous clients had said the lawyer even used the term “fucking crook” to describe Trump.

I figured van der Veen would have a hard time defending a person he had called names, but boy was I ever wrong! He came out fighting, and he and David Schoen who followed him both used video clips of dozens of Democrats to highlight the hypocrisy and lies of those who would impeach former President Trump for exercising his right to make a political speech.

Did Trump talk about “fighting”? So did Democrats. Did Trump worry about election fraud? So did Democrats.

Sure, it would be nice to see the Trump team actually demonstrate that Trump has evidence of election fraud, but maybe they were right to stay focused entirely on exposing the Democrats as liars.

So far, after just 1 hour of what is expected to be a 3 hour presentation, the Trump defense has been absolutely devastating. Only a buffoon like Mitt Romney could vote to convict President Trump after watching this defense presentation!


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3 Replies to “BOOM! Trump defense attorneys set fire to ‘sham impeachment’ by exposing Democrat hypocrisy”

  1. Van der Veen’s defense was brilliant in exposing the hypocrisy of Dem leaders. In the face of obvious deceit, it is breathtaking to finally see the Lord’s wild card being displayed and soul warming to see the lead defense lawyer throw a kiss to the Almighty
    for the provision of the Nadler piece that concluded his presentation.

  2. It seems until now, any channels on tv other than fox, have refused to carry legitimate stories that put their puppet masters in a bad light. I remember when Jim Jordan showed the house members videos of Seattle and Minneapolis burning. The Democrats thought it was a stunt. They are not getting any information which is important to the other half of the country. The Democrat lack of civility far outweighs anything President Trump ever said. He never went after one of them unless Pocahontas or Nancy went after him. Yet the foul language of tlaib and disrespectful arrogance of Maxine and Chuck, are finally highlighted for all to see.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

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