Facebook shuts down free thought about elections

Just got word from the #FacebookFascists that my post linking to Paul Sperry’s in-depth explanation of the election irregularities in Georgia doesn’t meet Mark Zuckerberg’s standards for the community.

It has been removed from Facebook.

Apparently Zuckerberg think that elections should not be transparent and that voters should keep quiet when they suspect that fraud has occurred. No surprise, I guess. That’s the way fascists are wherever they gain power.

Remember, if they tell you that nothing bad happened, then nothing bad happened. Or as George Orwell said in “1984,” two plus two equals four “except when Big Brother says it doesn’t.”

If you don’t care what Big Brother says, you can still read my post about Sperry’s article from Real Clear Investigations on my website at www.HeartlandDiaryUSA.com.

They can stop us from posting, but they can’t stop us from thinking. If they say that this post you are reading doesn’t meet community standards, I guess I will be permanently removed from Facebook. Oh well, at least I will still be a free man who comes from a community where people are allowed to think for themselves.

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