Kevin McCarthy’s last chance to prove he is a leader

Imagine my surprise when I read that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had threatened to punish Liz Cheney for her betrayal of the Republican Party.

That would be unheard of, not just for McCarthy but for most Republicans. But if McCarthy has any hope of one day being speaker of the House, he had better follow through with action.

Here’s the story. As everyone knows, Liz Cheney, Republican from Wyoming, voted to impeach former President Donald Trump because he gave a speech on the same day as a riot broke out at the Capitol.

McCarthy, the titular leader of Republicans in the House, let her get away with it. Cheney retained her role in House leadership, and used her position repeatedly to undermine the party and to give legitimacy to the installed president, Joe Biden.

After two tries, the party forced McCarthy to remove Cheney from her leadership position, but now Cheney was even more rebellious and had become the darling of the left. Because Cheney undermines the Republican Party every chance she gets, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appointed Cheney to sit on the select committee to investigate (er, scapegoat) the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion.

Pelosi of course is supposed to appoint Democrats, and McCarthy is supposed to appoint Republicans. The fact that Pelosi appointed Cheney tells you everything you need to know about this modern Benedict Arnold.

So what do Republicans do in response?

This is a critical question for the party — because if Cheney’s disloyalty is left unanswered, then the party has no valid purpose and should just vanish from the earth.

But here’s where it gets interesting. According to a report in The Gateway Pundit, McCarthy has actually threatened to punish Cheney by taking away her committee assignments.

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Journalist Jake Sherman reported that McCarthy “told a group of House Republicans Wednesday that if they accept @SpeakerPelosi’s nomination to the Jan. 6 select committee, they can expect to get all their committee assignments from her.”

In other words, Cheney would be ostracized from the GOP and be forced to beg Pelosi for committee seats, which would rob her of any credibility she has left.

When I read this, I was shocked that McCarthy was showing evidence that he isn’t castrated after all. He actually sounded like a leader.

But that’s the problem. McCarthy specializes in sounding like a leader, but then never follows through.

Unfortunately for McCarthy, those days are over. The people are rising up, and we aren’t going to accept lip service anymore. It’s time for McCarthy to DO SOMETHING! If he doesn’t, he needs to be removed and replaced with Rep. Jim Jordan, a man of principle AND action.


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  1. I am more than tired of hearing words and seeing no actions. And I do not see “waiting until 2022” as an effective solution. This dog and pony show is a disgrace.

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